V2.76 Patch Note

  • 2 years ago


The followings shall be added or modified on the Ver. 2.76 update. 

Major Content Table of Contents

1. Personal Training Site
2. Focus Mode
3. Convenience Update
4. Battle System Update (Custom Battle & Modifications)
5. Other Miscellaneous Updates

1. Personal Training Site

  • Personal Training Site
    • You can now depart to Personal Training Site through 'Depart (Shortcut Key G)' > 'Other Regions' available starting from LV 90.
    • You can check your DPS through the Personal Training Site.

2. Focus Mode

  • Added the Focus Mode providing more improved Zoom function by maximizing the peak Zoom-in availability.

3.  Convenience Update 

  • Convenience: Discard Item Function Update
    • You can now throw away the unneeded items more easily through the [Discard Item] UI.
  • Convenience: Friend List Update
    • You can now block the whisper up to 200.
  • Convenience: Shortcut Key Changes
    • Shortcut Key for the Friendship Mission Departure is to be changed to [Alt] + [W], [A], [S], [D].
    • Shortcut Key for the 'Reverent Tower' Temporal Gauge is to be changed to [Alt] + [W].

4. Battle System Update

  • Custom Battle
    • [Custom Battle] is to be added making Quick Departure more convenient. 

5. Other Miscellaneous Updates 

  • Title
    • Acquisition Conditions for some titles shall be changed from ‘Defeat Boss (or Stop)’ to ‘Complete Battle’.
  • Path Transformation
    • Path Points acquired when completing the battle shall be equalized to 7 points.
      • For Abyssal Arena and Reverent Tower, 1 point can be acquired on each floor.
    • Path Points acquired when leveling up shall be decreased from 100 to 50.
  • Story
    • Contents for the Episode Reward Box acquired on each episodes of Season 3 main stream shall be changed. 
  • Friendship Contents
    • 'Max Daily Bond Point Expansion’ shall be added to the 'Bond Boost Applied'.
      • Max Daily Bond shall be expanded to allies under the 'Bond Boost Applied’, making available to collect more Bond points in a day.
  • UI
    • Status Effect for All and Normal shall be displayed on different location of the screen.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The following shall be fixed in relation to the Marketplace/Mail Fee.
      • Being Fixed. In the event sending gold via mail, if the 10-digit is between  20~99 gold, the fee applied more in the range of 1 to 4 golds.
      • Being Fixed. In the event registering an item on the Marketplace, matching a certain condition, 1 gold has been applied more to the fee.
    • For the inconvenience for the bug occurred, we have sent to all ID the ‘Special Experimental Outfit Dye Ampoule Box’ and ‘Equipment Durability Protection (Exquisite)’ to the mailbox.
      • The compensation items can only be received before June 1st 2021. Please make sure to receive the items before expiration.
  • Battle Completion EXP
    • Some Battle Completion EXP shall be increased.
  • Pet
    • Pet Encyclopedia shall be open when pressing 'Pet List' (shortcut key 'P')
  • Mail
    • If a binding once received item exist in your Account Mail, when pressing the ‘receive all’ button related notification shall appear.
  • Rankings
    • Bug fix is made for the issue related to Hall of Honors and Real Time Rankings for 'M. ATT' based characters.
      • Bug: More than the standard number of characters had been applied.
  • Beauty Shop
    • Function Added.
      • You can now try on the equipment and outfit of your possession.
  • Dye Shop
    • Changed. 
      • The already possessed dye ampoules shall be shown in a list form.

※ More specific details for the above V2.76 Patch shall be updated soon.