MYVE (Make Your Vindictus Event)

  • 3 years ago


Dear Mercenaries,

The Vindictus Team thank you for your overwhelming participation of the event.
Even though we still have some time left for the event, we've decided to close the event a little early.
The ideas submitted shall be carefully looked into consideration.

Thank you once again for the participation.




Event Period: 05/25 ~ 06/08


Greetings Mercenaries,

Getting tired of events and reward being held over and over again? This time we are holding a MYVE (Make Your Vindictus Event) Event.

Submit the event idea you always dreamed of having one in Vindictus. 
It's chance for you to make a unique event that can be differentiate from the other typical events

The winning idea shall be actually be applied as an in-game event!
You will be expressly attributed to the event!

A separate discord channel shall be established for the event. (2021_myve_event)

Check out the Official Vindictus Discord

1. Make sure the event idea is a practical one.
2. The following should be included: Event Name / Event Description / Event Rewards
3. Maximum event period should not go over 4 weeks.

Nexon Korea Corporation ("Developer") shall have all rights for the submitted idea for its implementation.
Developer may modify the submitted idea in its own discretion.
Developer may restrict (including deletion) the submission when the submitted idea seems inappropriate within developer's own Discretion.