[Prior Notification] Change of Tradability of Items

  • 11 months ago


Dear Mercenaries,

With V2.77 update, Vindictus EU players located at Belgium, Slovakia, and Netherlands will have certain changes for item below in order to comply with local regulations.

[Belgium / Slovakia]

  • Commencing from Tuesday June 15th 2021, users located at Belgium and Slovakia will not be able to purchase crystal items through Supply Depot.
  • Crystal shall be visible but when clicking the purchase button ‘error message’ shall appear.


  • Commencing from Tuesday June 15th 2021, for the users located at Netherlands the items from the crystal shall not be tradable. This includes items from Newly Updated Crystal, Previous crystals, and items from the crystal exchange shop.
  • For the tradable items currently sold on the Supply Depot shall be changed to non-tradable items.

List of Items changing non-tradable

  • Airtight Items from Crystals including the Newly Updated Crystal, Tradable Crystal Exchange Shop Tradable Items shall not be tradable.
  • Tradable Items from the following package shall not be tradable
    Enhancement Package
    Comrade Package
    Outfit Package
    Dye Ampoule Package

  •  Tradable Items currently sold on the Supply Depot shall not be tradable

    Quality Fishing Set
    Improved Salmon Egg Fishing Pole
    Ceara's Fatigue Potion
    Merc Recovery Potion Plus
    Channel Megaphone
    Server Megaphone

  •  The past Bigby's Attendance Check Event’s tradable items shall not be tradable.