Ver. 2.78 Update Note

  • 2 years ago

Table of Contents
1. 18th Hero, Tessa, Update
2. 3rd Wardrobe Update
3. Brandish Update
4. Other Changes


1. 18th Hero, Tessa, Update

■ New Character, Tessa

  • Added Tessa, the 18th hero of Vindictus.
    • She is a swordswoman who uses a rapier and gem magic.
  • Added Tessa's character intro video during character creation.
  • Added Tessa's background story.
  • Added weapons exclusively for Tessa.
    • Rapier
  • Added equipment exclusively for Tessa.
    • Cygne Rouge Set
    • Chouette Acte Set
  • Added exclusive equipment for Tessa in Expertise.
    • Tessa's rapiers can be crafted using the Weaponsmithing Expertise.
    • Tessa's Chouette Acte Set can be crafted using the Tailoring Expertise.
    • Tessa's Cygne Rouge Set can be crafted using the Armorsmithing Expertise.
  • Tessa will appear on the title screen.
  • Added 1 basic character slot.
    • Increased the max number of characters you can create from 26 to 27.

[Partholon Vanguard]

  • Can perform Vanguard Missions upon reaching Lv. 100.
  • Added Vanguard Missions that require specialties of Tessa's.

[Friendship System]

  • Added Tessa and the below features related to her:
    • She will appear in the mercenary lounge.
    • You can talk and depart for missions with her.
    • Friendship achievements related to her have been added.
    • You can have chance encounters with her in Colhen.
  • Added Tessa's acquaintance stage short stories.

[Voice Emotes]

  • Added 29 voice emotes for Tessa.
    • You can preview voice emotes for Tessa under the Emote window's Emotes tab.
    • Voice emotes can be purchased with Friendship Seals from the Friendship Seal Shop.
  • Added special voiced conversation between Tessa and allies.
    • Tessa will have unique voiced lines with other characters depending on who else is in the party with her.
    • These lines play while waiting to depart for battle as another character joins her.

2. Dressing Room 3rd Update

[New Wardrobe Skills]

  • Added the new Wardrobe Skills below.
Skill Name Wardrobe Points
[Emblem: Celebration] 3,885
[Emblem: Have Confidence!] 4,985
[Title: Wardrobe Buster] 3,750
[Title: Colhen Charmer] 4,200
[Title: FLEXER!] 4,650
[Emote: Finger Guns] 4,190
[Emote: Jumping Pic] 4,730
[Emote: Baller] 5,270
Obtain Clone Outfit Crafting Box [23] 4,415
Obtain Clone Outfit Crafting Box [24] 4,585
Obtain Clone Outfit Crafting Box [25] 4,750
Obtain Clone Outfit Crafting Box [26] 4,920
Obtain Clone Outfit Crafting Box [27] 5,085
Obtain Clone Outfit Crafting Box [28] 5,255
Obtain Clone Outfit Crafting Box [29] 5,420
Obtain Clone Outfit Crafting Box [30] 5,590


Skill Name Outfit Points
Outfit Head Slot Boost [MVT SPD (Town)] 250
Outfit Chest Slot Boost [MVT SPD (Town)] 500
Outfit Leg Slot Boost [MVT SPD (Town)] 750
Outfit Hand Slot Boost [MVT SPD (Town)] 1,000
Outfit Foot Slot Boost [MVT SPD (Town)] 1,250
Outfit Head Slot Boost [DEF] 1,500
Outfit Chest Slot Boost [DEF] 1,750
Outfit Leg Slot Boost [DEF] 2,000
Outfit Hand Slot Boost [DEF] 2,250
Outfit Foot Slot Boost [DEF] 2,500
Outfit Chest Slot Boost [BAL] 3,000
Outfit Leg Slot Boost [BAL] 3,500

Equipment stats that are higher than the listed boost provided by the above will take precedence. 

Skill Name Tail Points
Clone Tail Crafting Box [01] 81
Clone Tail Crafting Box [02] 135
Clone Tail Crafting Box [03] 189


Skill Name Object Points
Clone Object Crafting Box [01] 54
Clone Object Crafting Box [02] 108
Clone Object Crafting Box [03] 162


Skill Name Back/Wings Points
Clone Back/Wings Crafting Box [01] 54
Clone Back/Wings Crafting Box [02] 135
Clone Back/Wings Crafting Box [03] 216
Clone Back/Wings Crafting Box [04] 297
Clone Back/Wings Crafting Box [05] 378


[Convenience Feature Improvements]

  • Simulation Area
    • Added the search feature to Your Outfits, Back, and Tail item tabs.
    • Added a feature so that you can change the color of exclusive inner armor from outfit sets.
    • Parts of inner armor that aren't the focus of color selection when changing colors are now deactivated.
    • You can also select colors you previewed dying with "Dye" from under the inner armor color list.
    • Colors set for inner armor in the "Simulation Area" are not saved.
  • Manage Wardrobe Area
    • Added the "Load Appearance" button.
    • Changing your appearance in Manage Wardrobe will also change how your character looks on the pedestal. Four outfits saved to appearance slots will also be modeled in the background.
  • Manage Wardrobe Area > Appearance Settings Screen
    • Added the "Load Appearance" button to the Appearance Settings screen.
    • Added the search feature to Your Outfits, Back, and Tail item tabs in the Appearance Settings screen.
    • You can change the color of the fixed inner armor that shows when you equip outfit sets.
  • Other Convenience Features
    • Added the "Search Next" button to Load Appearance/Battle Appearance Settings.
    • Changed so that detailed information is provided when the warning symbol—which shows when information for item(s) saved in an Appearance Preset Slot is changed—is displayed.
    • Changed so that you can check the name of the slot whose item information changed.
    • Reset time for Superior/Special Ampoules is on every Tuesday at 7AM UTC.
  • Fixed the issue where the client became slow when you selected Special Ampoules in the Ampoule Crafting area.

3. Brandish Update

  • Added the Brandish Slot under the NX Storage Chest > "Outfit" tab.
  • You can fuse a weapon's appearance to a brandish only once.
  • Fusing a brandish requires a separate Premium Weapon Fusion Rune. When fusing, the brandish can only be added to the Fuse Stats slot.
  • When you equip a brandish, the brandish's appearance is prioritized in display.
    • However, the default weapon type and the brandish weapon type must be one and the same.
    • The default weapon type will otherwise be shown.
      Example: If you equip a twin spears weapon and then equip a twin swords brandish, the twin spears will display instead of the brandish.
  • When you fuse, the dye color information for the item in the Fuse Appearance slot will be saved on the item in the Fuse Stats slot.
    • The Add Dye Slot wardrobe skill applies to the brandish as well. 
    • When fusing, the color will be applied the same in Dye Slots 1, 2, and 3.
  • Added the brandish category under the dye preset switching feature.
  • Brandish can be dyed under the Dye Shop > "Outfit" tab.
  • Added the brandish category to the Dye feature under the Wardrobe's Simulation Area.
  • You can include and save a brandish in the Appearance Preset Slot.
  • A tab for the brandish you own is added to the Simulation Area and Appearance Setting screen. You can see the brandish items you own.
  • When you equip a brandish, you will receive an ATT & M. ATT +100 stat boost. This is also included and reflected in character rankings.
  • Brandishes do not get outfit slot effects applied.
  • Outfit Dye Reset Ampoule cannot be used on brandishes.
    • Added the information about being unusable on brandish in the item descriptions.
    • Outfit Dye Reset Ampoule, Outfit Dye Reset Ampoule (Gift), and Airtight Outfit Dye Reset Ampoule
  • Brandishes have no durability and will not require a separate repair fee.

4. Other Changes

  • After the 5/18 patch, all enchant features cannot be used on inner armors, hairs, and epaulets. For players who used enchant scrolls and Perpetual Enchant Coupons on them, compensation will be sent via mail.
  • Fixed the issue where the in-game battle departure marker section was marked as TARGET after the 6/15 (Tue.) patch.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not use bath soap and the Guild House feasts in certain situations.