Damascus Steel (Lv. 105) 1st Run Event

  • 2 years ago

Event Period: 9/14 (Tue.) - 12/7 (Tue.)


Event Details
1. Claim 1 Damascus Steel to use on Lv. 105 or below items for every 15 minutes logged in each day.
2. You can claim up to 4 Damascus Steel (Lv. 105) per day/250 in total over the event period.
* You can check the login time and the item claim status in the on-time event menu in-game.
* Items obtained are given through the account mailbox.

Item Description

Damascus Steel (Lv. 105)
* Can be used to reforge Lv. 105 or below weapons or armors.
* Expiration: 12/7/2021 at 7AM UTC