Ver. 2.82 Update Note

  • 2 years ago

Ver. 2.82 Update Note

Table of Contents

1. 64-Bit Client (Beta)

2. Body Type Setting Improvements

3. Character Balance Changes

4. Battle and Loot Related Changes

5. New Emoticons

6. Mail and Marketplace

7. Miscellaneous Changes


1. 64-Bit Client (Beta)

Released a beta 64-bit client.

- This version does not include detailed physics adjustments, which will be available in future versions. Thank you for your understanding.   

- There have been many tests and development into this beta, but it is still incomplete.

- Please report any issues that you run into, and we will continue to do our best to continue to improve this mode.


2. Body Type Setting Improvements

Added Shoulder2 and Waist2 to the list of items players can adjust from Character Appearance Setting's Body Type.

- Adjusting Shoulder2 allows you to adjust the general size of the neck, trapezius, and shoulders.

  • The previous Shoulders option only allowed you to adjust the size of the shoulders. With the addition of Shoulders2, you can adjust the thickness of the neck and the trapezius, for instance.
  • The customization differs between characters. For instance, adjusting Shoulder2 with Karok shows a big difference even from the default setting but Hurk won't have a discernible difference.

 - You can adjust Waist2 to adjust the size of the waist slightly.

  • The previous Waist option allowed the general adjustment of the waist, including the upper and the lower parts. Adding Waist2 now allows you to adjust precisely the waist only.
  • The customization differs between characters. For instance, Hurk's adjustments will not be as discernible as other characters.

Developer's Note:

Depending on the character and the extent to which the body type was previously adjusted, the results of Shoulders 2 and Waist 2 will differ. Please understand that the change can be small in the default state, and there can be cases the adjustments of other categories will also affect how great the difference is. For example, setting the Waist to the minimum value would shrink both the waist and the other upper body above and below the waist; in this state, reducing Waist 2 won't show any actual difference. However, if you leave Waist at its initial value and decrease Waist 2, then you can reduce just the waist and not the rest of upper body.

 - Added a warning message after Character Appearance Setting.

- Setting the body type too petite or thick can cause small distortions with certain character animations.


3. Character Balance Changes

[Fiona - Long Hammer]

- Increased the damage of the following attacks by 8%.

  • Level 1 Honeybee Sting
  • Level 2 Honeybee Sting
  • Level 3 Honeybee Sting
  • Level 4 Honeybee Sting
  • Level 5 Honeybee Sting
  • Crushing Swing
  • Beetle Crusher
  • Butterfly Swing (continuous strike)

 - Increased the damage of the following attacks by 7%.

  • Butterfly Swing
  • Butterfly Swing (enhanced)

 - Increased the damage of the following attacks by 6%.

  • Level 1 Stigma Hammer
  • Level 2 Stigma Hammer
  • Level 3 Stigma Hammer
  • Level 4 Stigma Hammer

 [Evie - Battle Scythe]

- Increased the damage of the following attacks by 7%.

  • Demon Splitter
  • Horrific Scream
  • Hell Quake
  • Soul Skewer
  • Dimensional Loom

 - Increased the damage of the following attacks by 6%.

  • Life Drain (release)
  • Spirit Bind (release)
  • Mark of Death (release)
  • Bloody Thread (release)
  • Updated so that you are no longer knocked down by most attacks while releasing.
  • Releasing while moving or in place allows you to withstand the enemy's attack until your attack is activated.

 [Karok - Cestus]

- The following attacks have a 6% damage decrease.

  • Bolo Punch
  • Straight Shot
  • Sunday Punch
  • Pivot Strike
  • Cross-Counter
  • Blast
  • Diamond Rush
  • Big Bang
  • Brutal Flurry
  • Active: Hurricane
  • Active: Hulking Fury
  • Active: Raging Volcano

 [Kai - Bow]

- The following attacks have a 5% damage decrease.

  • Normal Attack (longbow)
  • Normal Attack (Fixed Shot)

 - The following attacks have a 6% damage decrease.

  • Level 1 Magnum
  • Level 2 Magnum
  • Level 3 Magnum
  • Level 1 Bee Stinger
  • Level 2 Bee Stinger
  • Level 3 Bee Stinger
  • Active: Ricochet Shot
  • Active: Eagle Eye Assault

 [Kai - Cross Gun]

- The following attacks have a 3% damage decrease.

  • Normal Attack
  • Armed & Dangerous
  • Insight
  • Active: Hollow Shot
  • Active: Hollow Shot (Enhanced Bolt)
  • Active: Perforate
  • Active: Perforate (Enhanced Bolt)
  • Active: Six Shooter
  • Active: Six Shooter (Enhanced Bolt)
  • Active: Bolt Storm

 [Vella - Twin Swords]

- The following attacks have a 3% damage decrease.

  • Cross Cut
  • Double Cross

 - The following attacks have a 5% damage decrease.

  • Active: Gale Cutter

 [Lynn - Battleshade]

- The following attacks have a 4% damage decrease.

  • Fight and Flight

 - The following attacks have a 3% damage decrease.

  • Active: Flora Break additional attack

 [Arisha - Spellsword]

 - Changing the MP needed for Diffusion Warp to 5.

 [Arisha - Spellwhip]

- Increased the damage of the following attacks by 7%.

  • Marcato Rush
  • Stringendo Strike
  • Accentato


- Increased the damage of the following attacks by 5%.

  • 'Normal Attack'
  • Spirit Rend
  • Wraith Slash
  • Wraith Shot
  • Phantom Shooter
  • Cyclone Edge
  • Cyclone Crash
  • Cyclone Crash (Enhanced)
  • Illusion Fist
  • Illusion Fist (Enhanced)
  • Vision Trap
  • Phantom Shard

 - Increased the damage of the following attacks by 3%.

  • Active: Spectral Sting
  • Active: Phantasmic Slash

 3. Battle and Loot Related Changes

 ■ New Battle: Ortel Castle in Red

- Added a new battle, Ortel Castle in Red.

  • You can depart (solo) starting at Lv. 100 in the Red Moon's Energy region under Toward Taratha.
  • There is a daily limit of 2 battle victories.
  • 'Ortel Castle in Red', like other battles in the 'Red Moon's Energy' region, switches daily.

 ■ Battle & Loot

- Changed the four types of Lv. 95 normal battles and part of raid battle's loot drop rate as follows.

1. (Memorable, Reinforced, Temporal, Immoral, Righteous, Expeditionary, Echoing, Stigma, Judgment, Spirited) Enchant Scroll loot drop rate increased.

- Dullahan in battle The Missing Soul

- Aes Sidhe in battle The Price of Failure

- Arcana in battle Iron Fist

- Rupacitus in battle Distorted Truth

 2. (Chaotic, Heartless, Weeping, Infinite, Capture, Conviction, Barrier, Soul) Enchant Scroll loot drop rate increased.

- Claire in battle Surprise Attack

- Eternal Elchulus in battle Devil's Tower

- Macha in battle Red Stigma

- Agares in battle Grave of Madness

- Lugh Lamhfada in battle Brilliant Lugh

- Succubus Selren in battle Eweca's Nightmare

- Marject in battle Dungeon Laboratory

- Aodhan in battle Remembrance

 3. (The Dead, Subdued) Enchant Scroll loot drop rate increased.

- Agares in battle Grave of Madness

- Lugh Lamhfada in battle Brilliant Lugh

- Succubus Selren in battle Eweca's Nightmare

- Marject in battle Dungeon Laboratory

- Aodhan in battle Remembrance

 4. (Sealed, Truth) Enchant Scroll loot drop rate increased.

- Agares in battle Grave of Madness

- Lugh Lamhfada in battle Brilliant Lugh

- Succubus Selren in battle Eweca's Nightmare

 5. (Wish) Enchant Scroll loot drop rate decreased.

- Marject in battle Dungeon Laboratory 

 6. (Meaningful) Enchant Scroll loot drop rate decreased.

- Aodhan in battle Remembrance

 7. (Keen, Stable, Graceful, Perfect) Succession Shard loot drop rate increased.

- Cesar in battle Battle of Rocheste

- Nyle in battle Clan of Darkness

- Ragnahim in battle Spearhead of Paradise Lost

- Siete in battle Under the Pale Moon

- Epona in battle Ladaton Bridge

- Tarathan in battle Royal Castle Dungeon

 8. (Solid, Smooth) Succession Shard loot drop rate decreased.

- Cesar in battle Battle of Rocheste

- Nyle in battle Clan of Darkness

- Ragnahim in battle Spearhead of Paradise Lost

- Siete in battle Under the Pale Moon

- Epona in battle Ladaton Bridge

- Tarathan in battle Royal Castle Dungeon

 9. (Solid, Smooth) Legacy Shard loot drop rate decreased.

- Romel in battle Royal Castle Topaz Hall

Developer's Note:

After the level cap expansion, battles dropping Rank 7 enchants changed from raid battles to normal battles, which decreased the number of departures from players.
Consequently, there has been a trend where Rank 7 enchants, once abundant, became harder to obtain.
Recently, the trend has changed so that there is a great increase in the departure rate for battles that drop Rank 7 enchants. We increased the drop rates of Rank 7 enchants through this patch to improve the situation and make the process of using Rank 7 enchants easier.
In regards to Rank 6 enchants: unlike Rank 7 enchants, while the number of departures has gone up, the demand for Rank 6 enchants has gone up greatly due to there being more players that upgrade enchants on the support equipment they received.
Especially the demand for preferred enchant scrolls for weapons, chest armor, etc. has gone up even higher, and they became harder to obtain.
We wanted to ease this situation by also increasing the drop rate for Rank 6 enchants.
For Succession Shards, which are used for compositing weapons, we also increased the drop rates by analyzing the players' gameplay patterns, etc.
For enchants, used on items of various parts, we made a relatively big increase in the drop rates before the level cap expansion, by predicting the increase in demand
However, for some enchant scrolls (Wish, Meaningful, etc.) that turned out slightly different from our predictions, we lowered their drop rates slightly.
We are also lowering the drop rates for the Smooth/Solid Succession/Legacy Shard items.
Thank you for understanding as we strive to handle the supply and demand situation of Smooth and Solid composite materials through adjusting the drop rate.
We will continuously monitor to respond quickly when situations requiring adjustments arise.


5. New Emoticons

■ Emoticons

- Added Grem, the best emoticon award winner from the Vindictus chat emoticon contest.

  • Grem (Designed by Blacktel) is composed of a total of 10 new emoticons


6. Mail and Marketplace

- Updated the expiration date of some mail and account mail.

  • Updated the duration of Guild House Crop Reward Mails to 14 days.
  • Updated some mail with no expiration to a 30 day duration.
  • However, Clone Crafting Box mail and mail earned from wardrobe skills have no expiration.

Developer's Notes:

Permanent mail have been accumulating for a long time for all characters on the server. This built up a significant amount of mail data, causing a load on the DB. Thank you for your understanding as we adjust the expirations to handle this.

 - Updated the UI rules of [Inbox] and [Account Mail].

  • Fixed the issue of mail not showing in the mailbox once it has been 30 days after receipt, if it has an expiration date but has not expired yet.

* Please note that mail with no expiration were correctly showing in the past, even after 30 days passed.

  • After this update, you may find previously received mail in your mailbox.

 - Updated the UI rules of [Outbox].

  • 30 days after mail is sent, it will no longer display in the [Outbox] tab.
  • Please note that Clone Outfit Crafting Box mail, which has no expiration, will also no longer display 30 days after sending.
  • Removed the checkbox from [Outbox] list.

 - COD now shows the actual amount of gold you receive in the fee-related information message.

- Added phrasing about fees to the information under Mail Sent.


■ Marketplace

- Changed the update interval of the Marketplace's average price from 24 hours to 1 hour. 

- With the expansion of the color list under the Dye Ampoule Quick Search feature to up to 32, the list will be updated with colors that have either high average trading prices or high demands.

- Fixed the issue of shortcut keys not working after opening the Marketplace UI.


7. Miscellaneous Changes

■ Storage Chest

- Moved the Back/Tail slots to the Inventory > Outfit tab.

- Moved Back/Tail slot items and box items to the NX Storage Chest tab.

 - When you log in after this update, back/tail items equipped by characters in your account will be unequipped. Thank you for your patience!

Developer's Note:

You can unlock extra slots in your Storage Chest with this update.
Please enjoy accessing your cosmetic items under the Avatar Accessories menu in your NX Storage Chest.

 ■ Temporal Mission

- Monthly mission updates

[Removed] Complete a Battle of the Day 100 times

[Added] Complete Red Moon's Energy Battles 40 times

* The mission changes will be implemented after 12/1 at 7AM UTC.

* Missions are randomly selected at the beginning of the month and you may not see the update in-game during December. 

 ■ Warm Welcome Shop

- The Shining Traveler's Secret Box, purchasable with the Shining Traveler Ticket, will not be available after the 11/9 maintenance.

Please refer to the update notes:

 ■ Pets

- Adjusted the volume of Chieftain type pets' hammer ground-slam during their /sit animation.

- Fixed the issue of Regina type pets colliding with the player during movement animations.

- Improved the pet skill Greedy Gem's overall responsiveness.

  • Your pet will pick up items much faster.

 ■ DirectX 11 Beta

- In the battle Devil's Tower's prep region on the Direct X v11.0 (Beta) client, fixed the issue of black mist engulfing the tower disappearing at some angles.

- Fixed the issue of Kraken's tentacle appearing broken in the battle Devil in the Water for Radeon graphics cards.

- Fixed the issue of GPU usage not decreasing even when the game window was minimized on the DirectX v11.0 (Beta) client.

- Fixed the issue of the game crashing if you repeatedly minimized the game during a loading screen on the DirectX v11.0 (Beta) client.

 ■ Characters

- Fixed frequent game crashes when Kai used the following skills.

  • Magnum
  • Bee Stinger
  • Active: Perforate

 - Fixed the issue of the anti-gravity field occasionally not activating when Eira used the Gravity Rounds skill in battle Abyssal Arena II.

- Increased the duration you can chain into Handspring or Aerial Invasion after successfully blocking with Grimden's Occluded soul. 

 - Fixed the issue of low damage applying for Grimden's Dark Knight or Paladin active skills.

  • Dark Knight
    • Active: Spear of Stigma
    • Active: Prison of Destruction
    • Active: Punishment
  •  Paladin
    • Active: Trail of Light
    • Active: Purging Light
    • Active: Sacred Sword

 ■ Friendship System

- Fixed the issue of players being unable to talk or depart for friendship missions with Tessa at a certain bond value.

 ■ Items

- Fixed the display issue of the VVIP Service item's extension effect not immediately updating if you had already been logged in for 2 or more hours with the VVIP Service status applied.

 - Fixed the incorrect text for obtainable content from Ethnill's Destiny Box.

  • The description incorrectly read ATT Boost Scroll and has been updated to the correct item, Attack Speed Boost Scroll.  

 - Updated the level range for Intermediate Element Stone use.

  • Updated from Lv. 81 - 110 to Lv. 81 - 120.

 ■ Wardrobe

- Fixed the issue of some fused items' appearances not updating when you Reset Appearance in the Simulate Area.

- Fixed the issue of the Event Notices button occasionally appearing in the Wardrobe.

 ■ Mag Mell Arena

- Improved the Arena battlefield to display the current number of people connected.

- Fixed the issue of skill input not registering properly when controlling some champions.

  • Selren and Aodhan

- Fixed the issue of skills being disabled if you clicked the middle mouse button during battle.

- Fixed the issue of the SP Gauge bar showing for Kai during battle.

■ Items

- Updated the level range for the Critical Rate +1 Element Stone and Balance +1 Element Stone.

  • Updated from Lv. 10 - 110 to Lv. 81 - 120.

  - You can now dye Primal Flame (Green/Red) equipment (excluding Focus and Crest).

※ Primal Flame items you already own can also be dyed.

 - Updated the tooltip to include expiration dates for selectable items in Ethnill's Destiny Box, if applicable.

 - Updated the tooltip to include expiration dates for selectable items in Coveted Treasure Chest, which can be obtained from the Guild Dungeon, if applicable.

 - Fixed the description wording for unusable features in the tooltips for outfits, back/wings, or tail items cloned with the clone crafting boxes.

 - Removed the duplicate text "(Enchant Success Rate: 100%)" in an extracted enchant scroll's tooltip when you used an Extraction Rune on an equipment enhanced with a 100%-successful enchant.

 - The Guild Heavenly Feather and the Guild Divine Feather can no longer be sold to the shop.

 - Fixed the issue of the Special Aura Dark Sorceress Gloves' color 3 default value being set to [R:0 G:0 B:0].

  • When you use an Outfit Dye Reset Ampoule type item on the Special Aura Dark Sorceress Gloves, color 3 is set to its original color [R: 26 G: 40 B: 63].

 ■ Story

- Fixed the player being unable to progress in the Try Material Synthesis? story if they skipped the tutorial, even if they used the Solid Legendary Shard (Replica) item they received.

 - Updated the Main Stream artwork images to be able to show in larger sizes, if the player is using the horizontal resolution at 2560 pixels or higher.

  • Thank you for understanding that some artwork may display in their current size.

 - Fixed the issue of artwork not displaying on resolutions 2,560 * 1,200 or larger during conversations with NPC, such as in stories, etc.

 Adjusted the Abandoned Ruins battle areas so the first area does not appear.

- Updated the Season 3 Episode 5 sub story "Sample Investigation" so the player can progress through the story just by defeating the boss monster in the battle Abandoned Ruins.

 ■ UI

- Added a drop-down that allows you to choose the type of emoticons in the Emoticon window.

 - Added the missing "(Enchant Success Rate: 100%)" text in the description of the following 100%-successful enchant scrolls created from enchant scroll scraps:

- Sealed Enchant Scroll

- Truth Enchant Scroll

- Raging Enchant Scroll 

- Updated longer story titles in the Story Hints UI to scroll when the player hovers over it.

 ■ Quick Battle

- When all categories under Battle Attributes are unchecked, the entire list will show, similarly to if all categories are checked.

 ■ Battle Info UI

- Updated the order of information displayed on the Battle Info UI.

  • The battle's Required Level, Battles, Prereq Battles, and Fatigue Points now display on the top.

 ■ Crafting 

- When crafting with NPC or Expertise, the order of auto-added materials starts with tradable materials.

Developer's Note:

We have implemented the above feature due to the community's many suggestions. We originally intended for auto-added materials to select from untradable materials first to discard of those first when improving the crafting process. We now understand that there is a higher demand for the above process and apologize for the inconvenience in selecting crafting materials.

 ■ View Item Details Pop-Up

- Updated the View Item Details pop-up's expected stat change section so that if there is an increase/decrease for STR, AGI, INT, and WIL stats, related stats will also change together.

- Updated the View Item Details pop-up's Expected Material Synthesis section to display the ATT Surplus category when you max out 1 between STR and INT, as well as all other stats.

 - Updated the Search Storage Chest window (Recently Earned or Search Results tabs) so when you check an item's tooltip, then close the search window, the pertinent item tooltip also disappears.

 - Fixed the issue of required materials not reflecting in the View Item Detail UI's Reforge category even if the player owned them.

- Fixed the issue of html text displaying under the View Item Details UI stats display section for some items.

- You can now use Advanced Search under the Appearance Dress-Up category in the Marketplace.

 - Fixed the issue of the Hot Time Event mark sometimes showing in the wrong location and obscured description within the UI.

 - Fixed the issue of the Hot Time Event mark showing in the Awaken Skill UI.

 - Made improvements so that, if you View Item Details (with [Alt] + right-click, etc.) > Enchant > click the Enchant button, the pertinent item is automatically added to the Enchant window.

 - Made improvements so that, if you have enough items even after Power Infusion, the previously used item is automatically added.

 - Updated so that when using Quick Ampoule Crafting, the materials used for crafting and the color selected are kept.

  • If you crafted using an Outfit Dye Ampoule (Empty) as material, the same item as the dye ampoule you used will be auto-added. This is to make additional crafting after a successful crafting convenient.
  • If you do not own any, the item will not be auto-added.

 - Fixed the issue where after adding the dye ampoule to be used as material, selecting the colors, and completing ampoule crafting, you could not replace the material item.

 - Added the Replace Stone button so you can immediately switch enhancement stones in the enhancement window.

- Updated the Fruit Fight Gift Box, which can be purchased from the Festival Trophy Exchange Shop, to be used directly instead of going through the Bigby's Bottomless Box window.

- Fixed the incorrect description in the tooltip for Mysterious Shard and Abyssal Shard items that they are returned as character-bound when you dismantle an item that has ATT Surplus unlocked.

  • Fixed the issue where tooltips of bound items said that they can be traded within the account.

 - Fixed the crafted item showing as binding in the pop-up message that appears when you attempt crafting through NPC/Expertise using an item that can be mailed as material.

 - Fixed the issue of the Craft button being active when crafting through Expertise, even in situations you cannot craft as long as you had the materials.

 - Fixed the issue of enchant materials not showing if you pressed the [X] button on the Enchant window and added the item again.

 - Updated the stats of composite material shown under the Battle Info UI's 'Main Rewards information to match the stats that are actually obtained.

  •  In the past, the information showed as minimum stats.

 - A notification will now be displayed on the Friends icon if there is an unread friend invitation.

 - Fixed the issue of balloon tooltips' location being out of place if you set Options > Video tab > Advanced > UI Size to larger or smaller than 100%.

 - Merged the pop-up window that displays upon right-clicking a composite material into the item pop-up UI.

  • The previously shown pop-up and the newly added item pop-up UI serve the same purpose.

  It was updated so the item pop-up UI would always display when you right-click a composite material, even when the player didn't combine the input with the Alt key.

 - Updated so that, when you craft through NPC or Expertise, if an item you are currently equipping is consumed as a crafting material, a guide pop-up providing information about it displays.

 - Fixed the issue of the material item selection pop-up window not working when performing Replacement Composite.

 ■ Guild

- Fixed the issue where guilds using the Guild Seal Drops skill, additional seals occasionally were not awarded to the guild members who logged in or just joined the guild.

- Fixed the issue of characters that are not members showing in the Guild House.

- Fixed the issue of members of a guild occasionally being unable to join a new guild if the guild master's character was deleted.

  • If there are guild members remaining, the guild master position is handed over to a guild member among those remaining, based on guild member rank and last login date.

- If a deleted character's name remains in the Guild News, that character name will be shown as "InvalidUser".

 ■ Avatar Shop

- Fixed the issue of fused item's appearance not being applied when previewing.

 ■ Graphics

 - Fixed an issue that caused characters to make awkward faces when using the Lounge Sunbed or Beach Sunbed objects.

- Fixed the issue of graphics displaying differently between the DirectX 9 client and the DirectX v11.0 (Beta) client in some battle regions.

 - Fixed the issue of the Special Tropical Vacation Shorts graphics appearing broken in certain poses.

 - Changed the shape of the Special Cat Lady Shoes to be slightly slimmer and made the half stockings' texture more natural.

 - Fixed the issue of the Special Cat Lady Sleeves graphics appearing broken in some poses.

- Fixed the issue of the stockings' graphics appearing broken when wearing the Special All Curves Fluffy Qipao outfit set.

 - Fixed the issue of Arisha's left chest side's graphics appearing broken with the Special Tropical Beach Off-Shoulder Top being broken

 - Fixed the issue of the inner armor showing outside the pants and appeared broken when wearing the Special Shackle Feather Hotpants with another outfit top or wearing the Special Shackle Feather Hotpants without a top.

- Fixed the issue of the inner armor of the Special Dragon Soul Skirt pierced through the skirt while moving.

 - Fixed the issue of the +15 enhancement effect sometimes displaying even when you were supposed to get the +16-20 weapon enhancement effects from equipping an equipment with max Material Synthesis (ATT Surplus) value due to an error while equipping the equipment.

 - Fixed the issue of a weapon enhancement effect higher than a +15 enhancement effect occasionally displaying, even when equipping a +15 weapon without an item at max Material Synthesis (ATT Surplus) value.

- Fixed the issue of effects not displaying when equipping the Special All Curves High-Cut Chic Stockings on their own.

 - Fixed the issue of the depth of field effect (activated by Menu (Shortcut Key: T) > Options > Video tab > Advanced > Shader Detail is set to Very High) appearing abnormally in certain battle regions.

  • Resolved the issue of the entire screen being blurred when Karok used Clash.
  • Resolved the issue of the entire screen being blurred when Vella used Active: Cyclone skill.

* Depth of field effect is an effect that makes objects that the camera is not focused on appear blurred out.

 - Fixed the issue of the fishnet part on the back appearing awkward when equipping the Special All Curves Fluffy Qipao Halter Top. 

- Fixed the issue of certain parts of the following hairstyles appearing awkwardly due to lighting issues.

  • Pinned Bangs for Belle
  • Demon Hunter Hair for Eira
    • This was an issue that was more prominent on the DirectX v.11.0 (Beta) client.

 - Fixed the issue of the helm's glowing eyes effect disappearing if you equipped the Special Lich Magic Helm and certain items together.

 - Fixed the issue of the chest part's graphics appearing broken in certain motions while equipping the Special All Curves High-Cut Chic outfit

 - Fixed the issue of when using the Emote: Baller, the effects of the ball bouncing on the ground or disappearing did not show if you set Options > Video tab > Advanced >Effects Transparency (Others) to off or opaque. 

 ■ Battle

 - Fixed the issue of the damage animation not appearing if Kai was attacked with Warning of Death in battle Royal Castle Topaz Hall.

- Updated the boss Succubus, which appears in battles The Secret Chamber and Ortel Castle in Red, to not be knocked back too much during battle.

 - Updated so that, if you attack with Full Force during battle, it will always apply with max damage.

Developer's Note:
Full Force is conceptually intended to be the character putting their full strength behind it. We wanted the sense of different intensities, so there would be differences in damage regardless of the Balance stat.
But with the recent Balance state changes, the damage value repeating is integrated as part of the intended situations in the game. This is why we also changed Full Force to trigger with max damage.

 - Fixed the issue of not receiving rewards after completing the battle, if the battle still started despite you pressing the Forfeit and Return to Town button before the loading screen displayed, during battle departure.

- Fixed the issue of the spawn location being abnormal for normal monsters that appear in certain battles.

- Fixed the issue of some monsters appearing in abnormal locations in various battles, such as in the Donegal region.

 - Fixed the issue of the Additional Damage stat notation being abnormal in Royal Army battles.

  • Players with the Additional Damage stat at less than 5,000 showing as 5,000. It was not actually applied as the increased value.

 - Improved Royal Army battles so that players with less than 4,000 Additional Damage would have their stats adjusted, with 4,000 Additional Damage applied.

 - Fixed the issue of occasionally being unable to enter the battle in the Royal Army battle, Burning Temple.

 - Updated so that you can progress through the Red Moon's Energy region battle, Ainle at Stake, faster.

  • Updated the number of monsters that appear, as well as how they appear.
  • Updated so that you move immediately through teleporting in certain sections of the battle.

 - Updated the description for Lugh Lamhfada's Tathlum pattern in battles Radiance and Shining Lugh.

  • Removed the following from the descriptions of Tathlum Absorption Lv. 1 and Tathlum Absorption Lv. 2 status effects.
    • "When you absorb the first three Tathlum shots, you are not damaged by Lugh Lamhfada's final Tathlum blast but absorb its power instead."
    • Only applies to Ein Lacher and normal battles; does not apply to Royal Army and Brilliant Lugh battles.

 - Updated so the ground attack with the boulder falling to the floor during the later phase in battle Royal Castle Topaz Hall no longer affects the Bonus Mission.

  • Updated so that it does not count as a hit for the "Win With Under 5 Hits from Romel" objective.

- Fixed the issue of the player being unable to move if a cutscene suppressing the character started while Kai was using Bolt Revolver in the Redeemers battle Tree of life and the battle Under the Pale Moon.

- Added information that the Redeemers HP Potion can be purchased from the shop after entering the party, in the Pre-Battle Checks window providing information on whether you are bringing Redeemers HP Potion or not.

- Updated the first battle area to allow players to quickly progress through battle The Devil's Cook.

  • Updated the Bonus Mission accordingly, to match the battle area changes.

Developer's Note:

Based on various feedback, we made the change to adjust for the battle The Devil's Cook, in the part where you can move only by using the hook.

 - Fixed the issue of Charles the Treasure Hunter, found in the Guild Dungeon Dusk on Crescent Moon Island, being pushed back by player's attacks.

Developer's Note:

We made this change due to an influx of reports about the inconveniences this issue caused will attempting the Guild Dungeon. The development team also acknowledges and agrees with the sentiments of the players that this was a major issue.
We have been striving to gradually address these kinds of issues, such as removing Quisia spawning not too long ago. We will continue to closely monitor such issues and attempt to address them as best we can. We apologize for the delay in this fix.

 - Fixed the issue where, in battle Irukul, you would return to your location before the fall after jumping down.

- Fixed the issue where players could obtain discontinued items in some battles in the Fomorian Base region.

- Fixed the issue of the Damage Dealt to Boss sometimes displaying abnormally if you left the party during Royal Army battle.

 - Fixed the issue where the game would close while playing the battle God of Death on Hero Mode in certain patterns.

 - Updated so that, when departing for battle, party members can ready up with the shortcut key F12 and the party leader can also depart with the F12 key.

  •  Added the F12 key image providing shortcut key information, to the Ready and Start buttons, respectively.

 - Updated the status effects in the following battles to display as debuffs (icons with red outline). 

  • Battle Fatigue in Brilliant Lugh
  • Warning of Death in Royal Castle Topaz Hall

 - Updated so that you can retry the battle in Ein Lacher region.

  • Previously, you could only retry if you forfeited the battle.

 - Fixed the issue of being hit by undodgeable attacks while guarding. 

- Fixed the issue of, immediately after teleporting, the character's movement being awkward in battle Ainle at Stake.

- Fixed the issue of obtained items not showing in the chat window, if the party leader left the party too quickly after the battle is completed.

  • While the items were properly awarded, the messaging was not displaying.
  • We updated it so that the items you obtained would display unconditionally.
  • However, please be advised that, if the party is disbanded before the item obtainment messages displays, you will not be able to see items obtained by other party members.

- Fixed the issue of an abnormal system messaged displaying if you attempted to depart for battle without a weapon equipped.

- Fixed the issue of, in the Season 4 story, the season's mark not displaying where you selected the story after clicking an NPC.

 ■ Misc.

- Fixed the issue where the "Realign to Selected Party Member" setting, under Menu (Shortcut Key: T) > Options > Controls > Advanced Settings, did not save.

- Fixed the issue of the Guild Storage usage history record being duplicated.

- Fixed the issue of viewing another character's rankings was delayed.

- Adjusted the game/music volume's default settings so that the volume is not too loud after installing the game for the first time.

- Fixed the issue of the mouse cursor disappearing after progressing through the prologue if you created a new character while in Keyboard Mode.

- Fixed the issue of characters who needed guild name changes being unable to log into the game.

- Fixed the issue where, when you changed Quick Slot with game pad, other characters' Quick Slot changed as well.

- Fixed the issue where the game would close while displaying the "Host_Error: SV_PackEntity" error message.

- Fixed the issue where the red effect, which shows on the game screen when the character's HP is low, was not displaying.

- Fixed the issue where, if you attempted to trade an item you were renting or currently equipping through mail or Marketplace, the icon would not disappear.

- Updated so that the volume of the BGM that plays upon completing the battle is affected by the music volume set under Menu (Shortcut Key: T) > Options > Audio.

- The play guide icon shall be placed on the missing slot on the tool tab in the future.  


Thank you everyone!

Vindictus Team