V2.88 Update Note

  • 1 month ago

Table of Contents
1. Friendship Skill (Tessa, Kai)
2. Enchant Slot Expansion System
3. Wallet System
4. Changes to the Item Specifications
5. Convenience Update
6. Other Changes


1. Friendship Skill (Tessa, Kai)

  • New friendship skill shall be added as below.
    • 'Destined: The Hawk-Eyed Savior' ('Kai' & 'Tessa')
  • Able to acquire the skill by reaching the bond status to “Destined” rank within the Mercenary Lounge between the fellow mercenaries.

2. Enchant Slot Expansion System

  • “Enchant Slot” is added to equipment and accessories that are enchantable.
    • Additional slots can be opened in the [Enchant, Current Equipment Slot Settings Screen].
    • As for the additional slots enchantment can be performed in the same way.
    • For Item Slots, only one slot stat can be selected and applied for each equip tab in the [View Item Details screen].
      ※ For the equipment that has not selected the slots, stats for the slot no.1 shall applied initially.
      ※ You may activate [Current Equipment Slot Settings] through the [Settings] button on the Battle Inventory screen.
    • Slot configurations can be set for each equip tab.
  • Enchant slot information shall be displayed on the item tooltip.
    • When changing to the preview tooltip by pressing the [Alt] key, and clicking the slot, you will be able to modify and see the total stats.
    • When comparing with the equipped item through [Shift] key, you will be able to change the stats by clicking the slot.
      ※ The changes made through [Alt] or [Shift] shall not be saved to the actual slot.

3. Wallet System

  • Wallet System shall be added.
    • Through the Wallet, you will be able to store your gold separately, regardless of the max gold limit to the Storage Chest.
    • Users over LV105 will be able to use the wallet by clicking the wallet icon on the storage chest (shortcut key ‘I’).
    • You will be able to store gold within the wallet up to six billion gold. Deposit/Withdraw of gold will be possible.
  • Transaction through wallet shall be able as below.
    • Gold within the wallet other than the storage chest shall be able for transaction through the Marketplace.
    • Transaction through wallet shall only be able up to maximum of four billion gold.
    • Payments will be made through gold stored within the wallet. Also deposit / withdraw through wallet shall be possible for payments received.
    • * Gold gained from trades using the Wallet shall only be stored seven days, so please collect the gold within the subjected period.: Transaction through wallet shall be able maximum of six registration per account.
    • Transaction through wallet shall be able for specific item categories.
      • +15 or above enhanced equipment that are able to be equipped from LV 105.
      • Totem, Necklace, Brooch with high value of power infusion.
      • Specific decorative items (Outfit Sets, Back / Tail Decoration, Object Box)
    • You cannot use Premium Marketplace License for Wallet System

4. Changes to the Item Specifications

[Changes to Necklace Item Slot]

  • Necklace item shall be changed to ‘Regular’ item.
    • The changed item has been sent to the mailbox, so please check and receive the item.
    • As necklace item had changed to regular item, power fusion and enchant slot shall be available.

Developer’s Note: 

We have decided to make the necklace to a regular item in order to reduce the inconvenience caused by battle inventory’s equip tab and slot system.

Thus you will be able to equip the necklace through battle inventory, and power fusion and enchant slot system shall be available.

  • The issue when using item being able to obtain numerous items has been fixed related to the item notice being displayed even after switching the character.
  • Quantity for each obtainable items within ‘Weekly Login Gift Box ', ' Monthly Login Gift Box ' shall be added to the tool tip.

[Fusion Rune Related]

  • Function Added: By using the Fusion Rune' you will be able to remove the fused appearance.
    • In order to remove the appearance of the armor, ‘Armor Fusion Rune’ is required.
    • In order to remove the appearance of the weapon, ‘Weapon Fusion Rune’ is required.
    • Brandish shall not be able to remove the appearance.
    • When removing the appearance, the equipment’s appearance shall be restored to its original form.
    • When removing the appearance, the color information shall be initialized to its original color.

Developer’s Note: 

Color information shall be initialized for the items not being able to dye when removing the fused appearance. Thank you for your understanding..

  • When fusing unbound items through 'Premium Weapon Fusion Rune’, notification that the item will be bound shall be added to the tool tip.

[Tradability for Specific Battle Items]

  • The tradability for the items obtained from specific battle shall be changed to ‘Untradable’.
    • The tradability of the miscellaneous items obtained from raid battles shall be changed to ‘Untradable’.
      ※ The items can be incinerated even after the tradability of the has changed to Untradable’.
      ※ The items below that has been listed on the market place currently shall not be able be searched by the keyword. However it can be searched on the [ETC] category.


Item Name

Muir Tendon

Muir Skin

Muir Fin

Regina Head Piece Fragment

Regina Boots Accessory

Regina Leaf Wrist Guard

Regina Necklace Piece

Braha's Chain Link

Braha's Broken Tooth

Braha's Nail

Braha's Branch

Terminus Sentinel's Feather

Terminus Sentinel Chain Link

Terminus Sentinel Armor Fragment

Terminus Sentinel's Nail Fragment

Lugh Lamhfada's Armor Fragment

Lugh Lamhfada's Torn Cloth Fragment

Lugh Lamhfada's Epaulet Fragment

Lugh Lamhfada's Broken Boot Fragment

Eochaid's Broken Fang

Eochaid's Mane

Eochaid's Toenail

Eochaid's Tail

Abomination's Shackles

Abomination's Front Wings

Abomination's Skin

Abomination's Saliva

Dullahan's Spirit

Dullahan's Armor Fragment

Dullahan Crystal Shard

Dullahan's Broken Blade

Aes Sidhe's Broken Tool

Arcana's Broken Machine Part

Rupacitus Scale

Claire's Helmet Fragment

Eternal Elchulus Spine

Macha Wing Feather

Agares's Ruined Flag

Palala's Broken Armor

Selren's Headpiece Fragment

Marject's Tooth

Aodhan's Helmet Fragment

Royal Emblem Fragment

Severed Chain Fragment

Severed Cable

Siete's Feather

Epona's Armor Fragment

Tarathan's Gauntlet Fragment

Romel's Gem Fragment

Naberius's Sword Hilt

Milo's Crystal Fragment


5. Convenience Update


  • Title UI and function shall be updated.
    • Color of the title shall be selectable.
      • Depending on the number of titles possessed, selectable color shall be expanded. (max 21 types)
      • The color of the title shall automatically assigned based on the number of title possessed if the color has not been selected by the user.
    • The accumulated stat shall from the Titles with Bonuses shall be viewed.
    • Information of the title shall be easier to be noticed.
      • You will be able to search your title in possession or known in accordance with the keyword.
      • You may sort and view known titles or titles with bonuses.
    • Through [Favorite Titles], you will easily find the titles you frequently equip or titles you aim to obtain.
    • For the certain titles with a battle condition, you can use the [Battle Shortcut] function to go straight to battles.
  • For the titles that has an expiration date, you may delete the titles on the title list.

[Character Body Type Adjustment]

  • Numeral figures shall be displayed when adjusting the character body type.
    • Numeral figures shall be displayed related to the Body type slide and location adjustment.
    • Additional button to adjust the body type in numeral figures.

[NX Storage Chest]

  • Page change of the NX Storage Chest will be able through mouse wheel.


  • When using 'Ancient Title Destiny Box ', ' Golden Ein Lacher Destiny Box ' you will be able to hide or see the already obtained title or achievement by clicking the [Hide Duplicate Items] check box.

[Quick Departure]

  • Battle condition will be searchable through Quick Departure (shortcut ‘K’) window.
  • For example, when inputting Romel on the search box, Royal Castle Topaz Hall shall be shown as result.

[Shop Chat]

  • Chatting will be available on even when you are in Avatar Shop (Wardrobe / Avatar Shop / Outfitter Shop / Dye Shop).
  • [Shop Chat ON / OFF] can be configured through option(gear icon) within the chat window.


  • When crafting an item multiple times, you will be able to craft max 100 times per one Crafting Progress. Max number of crafting shall be changed to 999.


  • Interest Keyword tab shall be added to the marketplace.
    • By registering item of interest in a keyword form, the item shall be automatically searched.
    • Keyword, dye ampoule, and enchant scroll can be registered.
  • In case [Interest Keyword] tab has been hidden after clicking [Add New Keyword] by the marketplace screen, by clicking [Add New Keyword] the hidden UI shall be visible.

[Storage Chest]

  • Empty slot for the equipment shall be noticeable in case user possesses equippable item or has not equipped under the storage.
    • By clicking the shining slot, equippable item list shall be viewable.
    • On 'View Character Info' shall not be displayed and shall be viewable under the storage chest.
      ※ Storage Chest > Secondary Weapon slot shall not be applied.
      ※ For Outfit and Cash Items, only the Epaulet, Badge slot shall be applied. Other slots shall not be applied.

[Guild House]

  • By using shortcut key for the “Area Map” within the guild house, [Quick Move] can be activated.
    • "Area Map" short key can be able for configuration through Menu(shortcut 'T') > option > [Controls] tab > [Advanced Settings...] 의 " Area Map (initial shortcut 'H')".

6. Other Changes

■ Character

  • Modification: Issue that character view being fixed when Teide equipped Hurk’s skill Active: True Shot being canceled shall be fixed
  • Modification: Issue that SP not being consumed when 'Karok’ using 'Active: Crushing Sweep' by mouse clicking shall be fixed
  • Modification: Issue that when clicking [E] button while Belle’s emote, activates grabbing motion shall be fixed
  • Modification: After ‘Letty’' using Standing Flip after Path transformation, projectile shall be activated.
  • 'Modification: Issue that Lynn equipped with Battleshades not being able to use active skills after using friendship skill shall be fixed

■ Battle

  • Modification: Issue that ‘/escape’ related notification displayed during Royal Army: Total War ‘Final Fortress’ shall be fixed
  • Modification: Issue that not being able to re-enter the battle after being disconnected from the first battle using departure license.
  • Modification: Character abnormally shaking after incapacitation shall be reduced. (for 64bit client (Beta))
  • Modification: Being stuck occasionally while waiting for Royal Army Battle shall be fixed..
  • Modification: Fixed additional damage not being applied on the Proving Grounds shall be fixed.

[Royal Castle Dungeon - Tarathan]

  • Balance for the Royal Castle Dungeon shall be slightly changed.
    • Attack speed of Trathan’s wide range attack during phase 3 shall be slightly reduced.
    • Activation speed for the wide range attack shall be slightly reduced.

[Royal Castle Topaz Hall - Romel]

  • Balance for the Royal Castle Topaz Hall shall be slightly changed.
    • Difficulty of the Romel’s Serial Strikes pattern during the phase 2 shall be slightly reduced.
    • Karok’s clash available timing during phase 2 Serial Strikes pattern shall be adjusted.

[Forgotten Altar - Naberius]

  • Balance for the Forgotten Altar shall be changed.
    • The size of 'Naberius' shall be reduced 20% than before..
    • In accordance to the size reduction, judgement for the attack shall also be reduced.
    • Straight petrifying magical attack speed shall be slightly reduced.
    • Duration time for petrification shall be reduced 1 second than before.
    • Number of straight petrifying magical attack shall be reduced.
    • During some of the petrifying magical attacks activation speed shall be reduced in order to make it easier to use the hook during battle..
    • Psychokinesis attack’s activation speed shall be slightly.

■ Story

  • Modification: Issue Evie not being able to learn [Alchemy: Mercury Trap] after using Partholon S1 Tome A.
    • For the Evie character not being able to learn the [Alchemy: Mercury Trap] skill due to the above issue, we have provided the F rank skill during the maintenance . Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

■ Character Friendship Contents

  • During the conversation of the friendship mission, the mission cannot be withdrawn.
  • Issue that Super Lucky Bonus being activated during the friendship mission even though it is impossible to obtain gold shall be fixed.

■ UI

  • Issue that emoticon cannot be used properly under the 'Maximize' mode shall be fixed.
  • Issue that scroll function cannot be used properly under the 'Maximize' mode shall be fixed.
  • Issue that the tool tip of the item registered previously shown when registering the item on the quick slot through drag and drop shall be fixed.
  • Issue that the difference in number of required Damascus / Jardin Steel for reforge displayed on 'Item Detail Pop-up' > [Expected Reforge] window, [Travel Marketplace] window has been fixed.
  • Issue that the parts of tool tip’s location not being displayed properly when making a party through 'Quick Departure' Window > 'Quick Battle'&' Custom Battle' has been fixed.
  • Issue being able to block yourself has been fixed.
  • Issue that chat command such as /AllowRequests /BlockRequests /Unblock (character name) not functioning properly has been fixed.
  • Auto-Decline Friend Invites option had been added on Friend (shortcut 'O') window > [invite] tab.
  • Issue that background crashing when expanding the chat window has been fixed.
  • Issue that the zooming function being activated while other UI is over the mini map has been fixed.

■ Guild House

  • Issue that Tessa not being able to dance even under the Untz! Untz! Untz! Untz! Status effect at Underground Club Ladeca has been fixed.

■ Direct X

  • Direct X 8 version support has been ended.
    • Not able to select DirectX v8.0 option under Menu (shortcut 'T') > option > [video] tab > [Advanced]. Previous DirectX v8.0 option shall be set up as 'DirectX v9.0+’.

■ Avatar Shop

  • Issue that equipped Basic Inner Armor icon not being shown when entering to Avatar Shop has been fixed.
  • Issue that Delia, Miri, Lethor’s expression being fixed when changing motion has been fixed.
  • Arisha shall be able to purchase Elegant Makeup through Avatar Shop.

■ Graphic

  • Metallic texture not being able to seen naturally during Mercenary Training Site battle has been fixed..
  • Shades not being properly shown while Lynn using scar decorations has been fixed.
  • Sole not being shown properly when equipping ' Special Demon Teddy Slippers’ has been fixed.
  • Abnormal graphic shown when equipping Special Cuddly Demon Teddy Pajama Shorts and some upper wear has been fixed.
  • Abnormal graphic of the cape from specific range when Hurk with Special Aodhan Set has been fixed.

■ 64bit Client (Beta)

  • Occasional client crash when objects being destroyed on specific area has been fixed.


  • Small gray square box shown on the upper left side of the game screen has been fixed.
  • Updated the guide for the Play Guide - Guide Missions stage 9 [Conquer 1 Redeemers Battle] view tip.
  • Character name screening the character during Letty’s /Sit motion has been fixed.
  • Moods being activated while Turn Off Moods option is selected has been fixed.
  • Game crashing during high definition cut scene (above 5K) has been fixed..
  • Returning Player Gift not being sent to characters over LV106 has been fixed.
    • We have sent the Returning Player Gift to the players that has not received the items during the maintenance. through mailbox.
  • Configuration not being saved after changing the mode setting through Menu (shortcut 'T') > option > [controls] tab has been fixed.

Thank you.
Vindictus Team