Ver. 2.92 Update Note

  • 1 year ago



- Issue not being able to complete the Letty friendship story after rank [Confidant] with Latiya shall be fixed.



-  Awkward highlight button on the seal button during the About Seals tutorial shall be fixed.



-  Abnormal activation of Arisha’s Mana Tracer and Diffusion Warp during specific situations on Space Time Distortion battle shall be fixed.
-  Abnormal moving speed after the mini-game of Space Time Distortion shall be fixed.

Home Screen

-  3 new screen image has been added concept based on the Usurper's Fortress.



- Unnatural graphical issue related to the cape of the Special Romel Set has been fixed.  

- Graphical issue when Hurk equips Special Romel Set  has been fixed. Issues such as back or epaulet part of the Special Romel Chestplate dose not show properly in certain posture.



- <Thank You for Your Response! Package> for August Vindictus Survey shall be sent to your mailbox during the maintenance.  Please check your mailbox for the package after V2.92 maintenance.


Thank You.

Vindictus Team