Ver. 2.93 Update Note

  • 1 year ago

Table of Contents

1. Season 4 Episode 6 "Great Ministry"

2. Friendship System

3. Miscellaneous Changes

1. Season 4 Episode 6 "Great Ministry"

■ Battle

- Added a new raid battle, "Great Ministry."

- Up to 4 players of Lv. 110+ can participate. The battle is in the Sen Mag Forest region, under "Toward Taratha."

- ATT and M. ATT are applied up to a maximum of 47,780.

- ATT Surplus is applied up to a maximum of 8,000.

- ADD DMG for Lv. 110+ weapons is applied up to a maximum of 3,700.

- ADD DMG for Lv. 110+ armor is applied up to a maximum of 700.

- A new boss monster, Enok, has arrived.









Counterforce Resistance


Balance Resistance


 The minimum entry stats for Quick Battle are as follows:















- This battle can be successfully completed once per day.

- It will consume 16% Fatigue Points when you depart.

- You can earn the materials needed for the ring, "Fear of the Divide."

> Stats: BAL 4, CRIT RTE 4, STR 140, INT 180, AGI 70, WIL 80, HP 125

- The materials required to craft the Fear of the Divide are as follows:


Required Quantity



Enok's Essence


Smooth Legacy Shard


Solid Legacy Shard


New Era Orb


New Era Cloth


New Era Ore



■ Story

• "Acting By Faith" story has been added.


2. Friendship System

■ Latiya Friendship Update

• The Ally bonding event for Latiya has been implemented.

- You can now earn the "Ally" rank with Latiya.

- Dialogue related to your bond with Latiya has been added.

- Upon earning the rank of Ally, Latiya will become less fatigued and her Power Stance duration will last longer.

- Ally rank achievements have been added.

- Latiya's Ally stage short stories have been added. Learn more about her through this new Ally rank event!


■ Friendship - Town Support Mission

• Fixed issue in Town Support Mission where the Ally's weapon would display unnaturally while putting down the sheep.


3. Miscellaneous Changes

■ Story

• Fixed issue where certain conversations were seemingly awkward in the story "Awakened Demon."


■ Items

• The consumable item types below will be considered as the identical item once registered to a quick slot,. You can now register only one.

For example, if you own 'HP Potion', 'HP Potion (Gift)', and 'HP Potion (Binding)' items, they will now be united as the 'HP Potion' type when registered to your quick slot. It will also be registered with the cumulative HP Potion quantity.

HP Potion

Fine HP Potion

Superior HP Potion

Exquisite HP Potion

Merc Recovery Potion

Party Merc Recovery Potion

Merc Recovery Potion Plus

SP Recovery Potion

Stamina Potion

Phoenix Feather

Stimulant: Dead Run

Stimulant: Lion's Roar

Superior Guild Campfire Kit

Fine Armor Temporary Repair Kit



- Each consumable item will be used in the order listed below:

  1. Items with the shortest remaining days before expiration.
  2. Items that cannot be traded, as well as bound items.
  3. Items that could be traded within the same account.
  4. Items that could be traded through the Mail or Marketplace.

"Merc Recovery Potion Plus (VVIP Benefit)" is considered an an item that expires at 7AM UTC.

- Target items that were equipped on the quick slot during the official server maintenance have been merged into one slot.

• "Fortified Fruit Juice" is being replaced with "Exquisite HP Potion."

- While working on merging each consumable item into one quick slot, Fortified Fruit Juice was difficult to fit into a group due to its different function and icon. So it has been made possible to exchange Fortified Fruit Juice for Exquisite HP Potion.

> You can right-click and exchange the Fortified Fruit Juice for Exquisite HP Potion by in town through Quick Crafting. The item will be character bound upon receipt.

> Fortified Fruit Juice as the reward for the Daily Mission has been changed to Exquisite HP Potion. This will be character bound upon receipt.

> Fortified Fruit Juice as one of the contents of Super Duper Secret Boxes 1, 2, and 3 will be changed to Exquisite HP Potion. The drop rate of the Exquisite HP Potion will be identical to the existing Fortified Fruit Juice, and any Exquisite HP Potions acquired this way will be tradable. 

• Fixed the issue where the tooltip for Composite Material Synthesis progress of equipment items wouldn't disappear.

• Changed the text in the check box that lets you hide owned items (in the "Select an item to receive" list) to be more precise. This solves issues with the "Ancient Title Destiny Box" and the "Golden Ein Lacher Destiny Box."

- (Existing) Hide Duplicate Items -> (Changed) Hide Owned Items

• Fixed issue where the "not equipped" warning would still display even if Exquisite HP Potion was equipped in the quick slot during departure to the Space Time Distortion and Redeemers battles.

• Revised descriptions, per part, for certain outfit items with exclusive inner armors.

- Added info on application conditions for exclusive inner armors.

- Added info on application conditions for exclusive inner armors.

- Some item descriptions have been removed for items in the Outfitter Shop without exclusive inner armors.

• Removed some unnecessary text in certain composite material item descriptions.

- xxx's Essence - Weapon, Shield, Head Armor, Chest Armor, Hand Armor, Feet Armor

- Keen, Stable, Lightweight, Perfect, Solid, Smooth xxx

* However, xxx's Book, Material for Focus, and Accessory Material Essence's descriptions will stay the same.

• Revised the item tooltip descriptions for "Special Chouette Acte Set," "Special Chouette Acte Armor," and "Special Chouette Acte Skirt."


■ Battle

• Added a Battle Entry Alert window, where you can see all of the warning texts before Battle Quests in one view.

- You can review the conditions that restricted your departure to Battle Quests such as weapon not being equipped, having insufficient stats, exceeding the departure limit, having an outdated client version, etc.

• Added an option to hide other players' ornaments during combat.

- Menu (Shortcut 'T') > Option > UI Setting tab > "Hide other Ornaments in battle"

Developer's Notes: We've conducted tests in various situations during ornament development to minimize anything that would cause lag. But it seems like there are elements ,such as PC specs, connection environment and the like. that we're missing. Since your optimal gameplay must be our priority, we added an option to hide other players' ornaments.

• Fixed issue where the options below would not save individually per character:

- Menu (Shortcut 'T') > Option > "Use Focus Mode in battle," in the Beta Feature tab

- Quick Battle (Shortcut 'K') > Quick Prep 

• Fixed issue where the tooltip would display on some items that cannot be enchanted or power infused. This was happening in the Basket List that you can see in battle, and the obtained item list that's displayed on the result screen after a battle.

• Fixed issue where changing the setting from Menu (Shortcut 'T') > Option > Video tab > Advanced > "Display Comrades in Battle" to "Display Your Comrade" would still play other players' comrade effects and voice lines.

• Fixed issue where characters could evade or guard certain monster moves, despite having "cannot be evaded" values.

• Fixed issue where stones would remain around Taros' during the final phase of the battle "Usurper's Fortress."

• Fixed issue where players couldn't get to Alteron the Chief Priest in battle "Underground City," depending on their route.

• Fixed issue where defeating certain boss monsters could make them fly off in awkward animations, depending on the character's specific attack.

• Fixed the icon of the 'Departure License [AS]' to be displayed correctly upon use of a Battle Completion Scroll.

• Fixed issue where monsters on the raft were invisible during the battle "River on Fire."

• Fixed issue where the chat window would output a damage contribution related warning upon entering the battle "Reverent Tower."

• Fixed issue where the chat window could output a warning stating that evil core will not be obtained upon entering the battle "Ein Lacher," even if the reward could have been obtained.

■ Marketplace

• Improving the text that displays when enchant scrolls fail the registration for sale (due to the expiration date being too short) in order to be more precise.

■ Wardrobe

• The simulation area now maintains the town's appearance settings.

• "The Show/Hide Hat" button has been removed from the simulation area. You can now "Show/Hide Equipment Appearance," as well as the slots for wings and tails.

• You can now change visibility for wings and tails in the Appearance Settings area, as well.

• We improved the simulation area to enable changing the order of "Color Faves." Simply drag the cursor over the Color Faves window.

• Ampoule Crafting Area> Quick Ampoule Crafting's description has been revised to be more precise.

■ UI

• You can now right-click rhods and magic power items, to register them, while the Magic Power Infusion window is open.

• If the enchant and power infusion windows are open, now only the appropriate items available in your storage chest will be emphasized.

• Fixed issue where you could not use the "Extraction Rune" when an enchant was applied only in the second slot.

• Fixed issue where an unavailable Extraction Rune could display as available, when only the second slot was open on the Dismantle Composite Item window, but it had not been enchanted yet.

• Fixed issue where pressing the Enter key, after entering the text on the window that displays when destroying some items, would not function normally.

• Fixed issue where right-clicking (or Alt + right-clicking) permanent enchant scrolls would not display the enchant menu.

• Fixed issue where searched items would not display on the list. This happened in certain situations while item searching in the Supply Depot.

• Fixed issue where the color information of items that cannot be dyed (from of the Play Guide's Character Growth Rewards) would not display normally.

• Fixed issue where the guide text would not display correctly, when the cursor was over the question mark icon, of the Entry and Floor Rewards. This could occur on the departure screen for the battle "Reverent Tower."

• Added a "Battle Shortcut" button on the title tab, for the ones below that can be obtained from the "Charles Expedition" battle:

- "Gonna Hurl," "Rattled," and "Thousandaire"

• Fixed issue where editing the party's information after creation would make the party type display abnormally.

• The issues below were found in the "UI Size" settings, and they have been resolved:

- Fixed issue where item preview would have an awkward composition (of the Preview Items window and the item tooltip).

- Fixed issue where the Zoom In/Out feature would not function correctly in preview screens for the Supply Depot, Pets, etc.

• Fixed issue where unnecessary UI, such as the town's minimap, would display in certain situations when "Mag Mell Arena" Entry > Champions were selected.

• Fixed issue where owned coupons and seals would not display in real-time when you'd click each tab of the Exchange Shop.

• "Resenlian's Battle Completion Scroll" will no longer display the Battle Info on the tooltip if the player has not obtained the scroll. 

- Fixed issue where Battle Info would not display correctly when viewing the Resenlian's Battle Completion Scroll in certain windows, such as the Mailbox, Coupon Shop, Attendance Check, etc.

■ Avatar Shop

• Fixed issue where selecting a color on The Third Eye would not reflect the selected color correctly (in certain situations).

- Fixed where you can select from basic colors and other colors.

- The existing color of The Third Eye is subject to change. Those characters that own the tattoo were supplied with a corresponding amount of The Third Eye coupons on 10/18 (Tue) maintenance, via the character's mailbox.

■ Emoticons

• Added "Chiefcon," the best emoticon prize winner of the 2022 Korea Emoticon Contest!

- Chiefcon (Designed by Gwanggyun) is composed of a total of 10 emoticons.

- You can use the emoticon tab's drop box to see the Chiefcon image and chat commands.

■ Misc.

• Running the game on a laptop with an internal/external GPU will now automatically select the high-performance process (external).

• Fixed issue where the "Battle Appearance Settings" feature would malfunction when players clicked the "Return to Town" or "Return to Guild House" buttons (continuing the story after the battle had been completed).

• Fixed issue where selected Title/Emblem info would not display in real-time to other players.

• Fixed issue where moving an item from the storage chest to a quick slot would sometimes make the equipped mark disappear.

• Fixed issue where the item's purchase quantity would not be reflected in the quick slot. This could occur when the player would purchase an item that's already equipped in the quick slot, at the shop in the waiting area, before the Battle Quests or the Travel Marketplace.

• Fixed issue where deleting a character on the character select screen, or moving the slot, would display awkward animations of the characters.

• Restriction shall be made in relation with delivery of gold through the mailbox..

- For the characters below LV 90, the attached gold on the mail can be received after 3 days from the delivery.

- For the below circumstances the above restriction shall not be applied.

> In the event when there is at least one or more characters above LV 90 in an account.  

> In the event the delivery is made within the same account.

Developer’s Note: The purpose of the above restriction is to prevent illegal program usage and BOT activities. For those that does not have a character over LV90 within the account, we apologize for the inconvenience caused for such restriction. Please be aware that through the faster in-game progress, the restriction can be minimized through leveling up.  

Thank you, everyone!

The Vindictus Team