Achel: The Indomitable Warrior

  • 6 months ago

Hello! This is the Vindictus team.

We'd like to introduce you to the 23rd hero of Vindictus, Achel!


This is a male character who uses the Hasta and the Grand Targe.


The Hasta is a spear that was traditionally used by the warriors of ancient Connacht, which consists of a long, thin body and a sharp point. Its design is specialized for stabbing consecutively, but it is long enough to handle wide slashing arcs as well.

The Grand Targe is a shield meant to forms a pair with the Hasta. It is designed to not only defend against enemy attacks, but also to deliver devastating swings.

(Achel wielding the Hasta and Grand Targe.)


■ Flex Your Muscles

Aside from Achel's basic defense and counterattacks using the shield, he can also temporarily enhance his muscles to swing his Grand Targe at the enemies, with the skill "Targe Thrust".

While he is using Shield Combat techniques he can brace for impact, hardening his muscles like steel to absorb enemy attacks.

However, keep in mind that this abrupt, dynamic movement causes muscle spasms, requiring some time until he can use this technique again.

(Achel defending with Grand Targe.)


■ Powerful Spearmanship

With his weapon the Hasta, Achel can perform quick and fierce acts of spearmanship.

"Spiral Slash and "Brutal Drive" are attacks that utilize every muscle in his body. If these skills successfully land on the enemies, they are very effective at loosening up the muscles locked up by Targe Thrust.

(Achel stabbing the Hasta at an adversary.)


■ Combat Mobility

Aside from his techniques with the spear and shield, his exclusive stance skill, "Mad Dash", allows him to sprint while gathering strength.

During the Mad Dash, he can perform 2 types of attacks that each fit the characteristics of the Hasta and Grand Targe.

"Mad Rush" is a skill bringing the Grand Targe to bear as he charges forward, accelerating in an instant at the expense of a large amount of stamina.

Utilizing the Mad Rush and "Mad Lunge", which lunges forward with the Hasta, will deliver a speedy, action-packed gameplay across the vast battlefield.

(Achel using Mad Rush to breach the enemy formation.)


■ Active Skills

Achel also has active skills for different situations in combat.


Get that blood pumping! "Active: Roots of Antaeus" is a skill where Achel stomps his foot to activate an Adrenaline Spike. 

While he burns through adrenaline, Achel does not get exhausted easily, and he can use a spear technique called "Wild Swing". He can perform consecutive attacks that assail the enemy during the Wild Swing, and he can also spend all of his adrenaline to instantly rush the enemy.

(Achel rushing towards an enemy with Wild Swing.)


"Active: Downfall" is a skill where Achel quickly charges at the enemy, jumps, and strikes with the Hasta.

This attack strikes the ground in a devastating manner that causes a powerful explosion on impact, and the enemies hit by the explosion may lose their balance temporarily.

(Achel using the Active: Downfall.)


Additionally, he has various skills such as "Active: Strike Down" that attacks using both the Hasta and Grand Targe, and "Active: Storm of Steel" that allows fast consecutive attacks. Moves like these allow for versatility in battle that can be utilized to your advantage.



Achel is the 23rd hero of Vindictus, who will be revealed soon in the game update. We will do our best to make sure you have a fun experience.

Thank you for your love, support, and interest in Vindictus!