DevTalk Mini - September

  • 7 months ago


Greetings Mercenaries,


We have prepared DevTalk Mini this time and would like to briefly talk about the future of Vindictus with our new director, Allanon.

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Along with the DevTalk Mini, we kindly ask you to let us know your opinions via the survey below. It’ll help us create more enjoyable gaming experiences.

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Please don't forget to check out the thank-you gift at the end of the video! 


Thank you.


[How to use September DevTalk Mini]

- Enter the Coupon code at the end of the DevTalk Mini and receive the reward below:




Allanon’s Gift Box

Allanon’s Gift Box.

Right-click to open

and obtain all of its contents.

  • [Dev Talk] Special Outfit Set Destiny Box x1
  • Special Experimental Outfit Dye Ampoule Destiny Box (35 Colors) x3
  • VVIP Service (30 Days) x1

- The Coupon code can be used until 2023.10.16 (Mon) 07:00 UTC and will not be available after it expires.

- The Coupon is available once per account.

- Used Coupons cannot be reused.

- All contents in Allanon’s Gift Box are available until 2023.12.31 07:00 UTC.

- VVIP Service (30 Days) will be bound to the character once obtained.


[How to use Coupon]

1. Enter Vindictus - [Supply Depot] – click [Enter Coupon]

2. Enter Coupon

3. Redeem Coupon

※ You can get your item from Storage Chest (Shortcut [B]) > Temporary Storage Chest after the successful Coupon Redeem pop-up.