[DevTalk] DevTalk Afterwords

  • 1 month ago

[Additional Notice]

We apologize for our lack of explanation. It seems our previous notice was not enough to resolve the confusion from our Dev Talk.
We’ve added some more information regarding Expertise and Lv.120 items below.

Q: Are we only allowed to learn one top-tier Expertise?
A: Yes. All expertise under 399 can be learned and shared. But each character can only learn up to one top-tier expertise and this is not account sharable.

Q: Would the crafter’s name be displayed on the item when crafting Lv.120 items?
A: Yes, the name will be displayed as usual. However, we will see consider changing this to be optional in the future.

Q: Would the Red Moon’s Energy Battle be re-adjusted?
A: Yes, along with the max level expansion to Lv.120, the level and rewards will be adjusted.


Hello. This is DEV Allanon, the Director of Vindictus. 


First, I'd like to apologize for the late Dev Talk. 
I've promised earlier that it'll be revealed by the end of the month.  

In fact, it was originally planned to be disclosed on the 23rd.

But due to unexpected internal reasons, we had to delay the release by a week. 
If further explanation is needed like this time, I will endeavor to expand our communication channels as much as possible. 

In response to feedback from many of our players who felt burdened by the Expertise Proficiency, I've decided to double the Proficiency and Crafting Speed until the Max Level Update. 

Additionally, to build anticipation for the new female character, I dropped a hint during the Dev Talk. 
Another clue: she is related to a specific character. 

Although it was unintentional, I inadvertently spoiled a recently updated storyline.

I will take greater care to prevent such situations from occurring in the future. 


Here are some of the inquiries we've received in a Q&A format. 


Q: Would LV.120 equipment only be craftable through Expertise? 
A: Yes, LV.120 equipment is planned to be exclusively crafted through Expertise.  

This includes weapons, armor, totems, and accessories.  

To avoid any confusion, there will be no changes in the equipment available for crafting through each Expertise. 


Q: Is maximizing Expertise Proficiency mandatory? 
A: No, it is not mandatory to have maximum Expertise Proficiency to obtain LV.120 equipment.  

Alternatively, you can request assistance from other players with the required Expertise level to craft the equipment for you.  

You may also use binded materials and items when requesting the craft from others. 


Q: When crafting LV.120 equipment, will Power Infusion and Quality be transferred? 
A: We do not plan to transfer Power Infusion and Quality when crafting LV.120 equipment.  

However, enchants will be transferred when using the Extraction Rune during the crafting process. 


Q: Will LV.120 Armor be updated in the order of [Head – Chest – Leg – Hand – Foot]? 
A: The plan for updating LV120 equipment is as follows: 

Weapon (Beginner) 

Head (Beginner~Legend) 


Weapon (Fine) 

Leg (Beginner~Legend) 


Weapon (Superior) 

Chest (Beginner~Legend) 


Weapon (Rare) 

Hand (Beginner~Legend) 


Weapon (Legend) 

Foot (Beginner~Legend) 



Q: Will LV.120 equipment require no enhancement? Does this mean Superior Enhancement Elixir, Enhancement Rune, and Premium Enhancement Rune will no longer be needed? 
A: Even after reaching LV120, our plan is to retain the necessity of these items when upgrading the item tier. 


Q: Will there be a success rate for the LV.120 equipment upgrade? 
A: We intend to remove any possibility aspects from the upgrade process.  

Players will only need the required materials for the upgrade.We'll monitor closely to determine if further explanation is necessary. 

The next Dev Talk is scheduled for April.  

Until then, take care. 


Thank you.