Pre-Announcement on Changes in June Level Cap Expansion Update

  • 22 days ago


We are making an announcement in advance regarding the June level cap expansion update, and planned changes to the existing content and system.


June Level Cap Expansion/Planned Changes Update Schedule: 6/25/2024 (Tue) during maintenance

Planned Changes for Content/System
* Some aspects may change depending on how things develop, so please check what's actually reflected on the day of the official server update.



  • You can obtain top expertise through stories that can be completed after increasing each expertise to 399.
    • You can craft Lv. 115 weapons and armor into Lv. 120 weapons and armor using top expertise.
    • You can craft Lv. 120 accessories using top goldsmithing expertise.
    • You can craft certain outfit sets using top armorsmithing and tailoring expertise.
    • A weapon recipe that can be crafted using top expertise will be added. (The added weapons can be used by applying the appearance to a brandish.)
  • Equipment that cannot be crafted through your character's expertise can be crafted using the expertise shared from another character within your account. You may also request crafting from another player.


Supply Depot

  • "Airtight Premium Armor Enhancement Runes" are no longer sold in the Supply Depot.


Exchange Shop

  • You can no longer purchase Goibhniu's Enhancement Stones from the Seal of Bravery Exchange Shop.


NPC Crafting

  • You can request Enhancement Runes, Premium Enhancement Runes, Premium Armor Enhancement Runes, Premium Enhancement Runes+, Goibhniu's Enhancement Stones, and Goibhniu's Enhancement Stones+ from NPC Brynn in Colhen.
    • Like before, you can use the items when enhancing equipment below Lv. 115. They can also be used as required materials for advancing Lv. 120 items.


Temporal Missions and Weekly Rewards

  • The mission content and rewards for daily, weekly, and monthly missions will change.
  • A new "Temporal Mission," that's given according to a character's completion status of Raid Battles, will be added.
  • A "Weekly Progress Reward," that can be obtained after completing a mission related to Raids, will be added.



  • The "Core Boost System" will be added, while the "Deific Devotion" system will be retired.
  • The "Raid Passport Extraction" system will be retired.



  • The "Royal Army Total War" Battle will end.
  • The required level for entry to Royal Army Battle will change from 60 to 115, and the minimum stat boost effect will be removed.
  • The required level for entry to Red Moon's Energy Battle will change from 100 to 110.
  • The required level for entry to Abyssal Arena 1 will change from 90 to 100.
  • The required level for entry to Abyssal Arena 2 will change from 100 to 110.
  • The required level for entry to Special Dungeon will change from 110 to 115.

* Along with the changes to required levels for battles, there will be changes made to Monster Stats, battle limit numbers, and obtainable loot.


Play Guide

  • "Reach Lv. 110" Growth Goals will be added to the Play Guide.
  • A new guide mission, based on the level cap expansion, will be applied.
    • The existing guide mission will be reset during maintenance on the day of the level cap update.
    • All statuses of existing missions, both in progress and completed, will be reset. Please make sure to accept any available rewards beforehand.


Rank 7 Enchant Scroll

  • When a Rank 7 Enchant fails, the item will not be destroyed. (The item destruction penalty applies for items Rank 6 or higher.)
  • When a Rank 7 Enchant fails, an Enchant Scroll Scrap cannot be obtained. (It can be obtained from Rank 6 or higher.)
    Even after the 6/25/2024 (Tue) update, four Rank 7 Enchant Scroll Scraps already in possession can be used to craft an Enchant Scroll.
  • The icon color for a Rank 7 Enchant Scroll will change from orange to purple.


List of Updated Enchants

Enchant Name




The Dead



















Please refer to these notes when playing.


Thank you!