[UPDATE] North America Server Merge

  • 3 years ago

UPDATE: The Ultimate Objective and Bonus Raid Events have been extended for two weeks! Keep battling those powerful bosses and make sure the Fomors feel the pain!

UPDATE: We are aware of an issue where expiring items from the Marketplace are not being returned to the owner if the item does not sell. We would like to inform everyone that the items are not lost and we are working on getting them returned to the owners. Please stay posted on our official site for more any news or updates concerning this current issue.

UPDATE: We have deployed a hotfix patch to fix the Character Creation issue. This patch will be applied the next time you launch Vindictus via Steam or the Nexon Launcher, and will allow you to create characters with Free Character Slots. Thank you for your patience as we resolved this issue.

There might not be a lot to this month's update, but we've been spending the last few weeks making sure that the North American server merge goes off without a hitch! Enjoy the return of the Ultimate Objective Event, get geared up with bonus Raid departures and take a gander as a special cross-promotion with a classic fighting series!

North American Server Merge

The merger is complete! All characters on the East, West and Australia server have now been transferred to the brand-new North American server. Some character, guild and pet names may have changed during this update, and we will be monitoring the new server to ensure that it meets our expectations.

If you have any issues with the new North American server not covered in the FAQ, please head over to the official forums and let us know. Merging three servers into one is seldom a simple process, and we'll be doing our best to iron out any issues that pop up as a result of this major change.

[EXTENDED] Merge Celebration Ultimate Objective Event

With the newly merged server and plenty of new friends to play with, we're bringing back the Ultimate Objective Event for the month of November! Join your fellow mercenaries, take the Fomor horde to pieces and earn special prizes with each Objective you complete! Some of these prizes might be best held onto for a bit, however, with what's on the horizon...

Event Name Merge Celebration Ultimate Objective Event
Event Start Wednesday, November 8th (End of Maintenance)
Event End Wednesday, December 20th (Start of Maintenance)
  • Help your server complete Objectives by defeating Season 3 bosses over the month of November to earn special prizes!
  • November 8th - November 29th:
    • Defeat Regina 5,000 Times: All accounts that participated receive 1x Scrappy Little Pouch
    • Defeat Braha 3,000 Times: All accounts that participated receive 1x Scrappy Little Pouch
    • Defeat Lord Glas Ghaibhleann 4,000 Times: All accounts that participated receive 1x Rare Legendary Chunk Selection Box (Weapon)
  • November 15th - December 6th:
    • Defeat Lugh Lamhfada 4,000 Times: All accounts that participated receive 1x Scrappy Little Pouch
    • Defeat Eochaid 7,000 Times (NA Server) / 6,000 Times (EU Server): All accounts that participated receive 1x Scrappy Little Pouch
    • Defeat Abomination 6,000 Times (NA Server) / 5,000 Times (EU Server): All accounts that participated receive 1x Airtight Additional Unbinding Coupon
  • November 1st - December 6th:
    • Defeat Abomination 12,000 Times (NA Server) / 10,000 Times (EU Server): All accounts that participated receive 1x +11 Flawless Enhancement Stone
Reward Details

Scrappy Little Pouch: Contains one of the following items, randomly selected

  • Enhancement Rune Fragment
  • Premium Armor Enhancement Rune Fragment
  • Enchant Rune Fragment
  • Destruction Safeguard Rune Fragment
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: Temporal
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: Immoral
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: Expeditionary
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: Memorable
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: Reinforced
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: Fresh
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: Righteous
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: Stigma
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: Spirited
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: Echoing
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: Judgment
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: Heartless
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: Chaotic
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: Weeping
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: The Dead
  • Enchant Scroll Scrap: Subdued

Rare Legendary Chunk Selection Box (Weapon): Allows you to choose a rare-quality Legendary Chunks from the following list:

  • Keen Legendary Chunk
  • Lightweight Legendary Chunk
  • Stable Legendary Chunk
  • Perfect Legendary Chunk

Airtight Additional Unbinding Coupon: Increases the Unbind Count on an item by 1. Cannot be used on items with an Unbind Count of 0, or if it is already at the maximum. Can be traded to other players once.

+11 Flawless Enhancement Stone: Guarantees the success of a +10 to +11 Enhancement on weapon or equipment up to Level 95. Rune is consumed upon Enhancement.

  • Players that contribute to an objective, or are online when the objective is completed, will receive the rewards
  • Objective progress is independent to each server (Europe and North America)
  • Each Objective will only reward once per account
  • Prizes will be automatically rewarded to participating accounts, once the Objective is completed, to the current character if the player is online, or to the last character that participated if the player is offline
  • Ultimate Objective Packages can be sent to other characters on the same account, either via Shared Storage or through mail

[EXTENDED] Bonus Raid Event

With the new server layouts, we're giving you a big reason to make a lot of new friends. For the month of November, enjoy a bonus Raid departure on all Raids, to help you burn through the Ultimate Objectives even faster!

Event Name Bonus Raid Event
Event Start Wednesday, November 8th (End of Maintenance)
Event End Wednesday, December 20th (Start of Maintenance)
Event Details
  • +1 Raid Depature (All Raids)

Dragon Dreams Event

A new warrior is on her way to Vindictus, and we're unleashing a set of events leading up to her grand entrance. Learn more in the Dragon Dreams Event post!

Known Issues

  • Characters cannot be created using Free Character Slots, excluding the first slot on a server. Premium Character Slots are still functional. This issue affects both Europe and North America. We are working on a fix for this issue and will deploy it in a hotfix soon.