Eira Growth Event

  • 5 years ago


Event Period: April 30th - June 4th

Eira is finally here Mercenaries and it's time to level her up Up UP! Yes, of course we know how important it is to give our new heroes the boost they need as they progress throughout the plains of Vindictus, so check out the details below and experience the full support from us now!


Event Details

  1. With your very own EIRA, go pay a visit to the Strange Traveler.
  2. He will give you a Box that your EIRA will be able to open when reached Lv. 30+.
  3. Obtain rewards by opening the box per level.
  4. Refer to the Reward List below:
Level Rewards
30 Eira's Doll Brooch
AP 500 Capsule
40 Storage Chest Expansion Ticket (30 Days)
50 AP 3000 Capsule x1
60 Cadet Badge (7 Days)
70 Unstable Enhancement Rune x5
80 Premium Enhancement Rune x1
Premium Armor Enhancement Rune x1
90 Additional Departure Boost (7 Days) x1
10 Divine Blessing Stones
95 +10 Immoral Spirited
Dullahan Mana Revolvers
AP 5000 Capsule x1
100 Damascus Steel x15
Artifact (30 Days) Destiny Box x1
  • All reward items are binding.
  • They are given as a box-within-a-box format.