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  • 4 years ago


2019-04-30 08:37 A.M. PT Update:

[Notice] Regarding Inner Armor Sale Issue

Greetings Mercenaries,

There is an internal technical issue that we are working on resolving regarding Eira's Inner Armor purchase. The 9 Inner Armors listed below cannot be purchased by Eira at the moment. We apologize for such inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. We will update you when these will be available shortly.

Tube Top Inner Armor
Sporty Inner Armor
Ruffled Teddy Inner Armor
Iron Defense Inner Armor
Elegant Beauty Inner Armor
Captivating Scent Inner Armor
Minimalistic Inner Armor
Sassy Corset Inner Armor
Sweetheart Inner Armor

- The Vindictus Team


We know how much you love Eira and how much you'd love to give her a new wardrobe! Below are exclusive Eira packages that we've assembled together to support your excitement! Check out the details below and do not miss this one and only chance!

Eira's Beauty & Power Packages

Item Period Price Contents
Eira Release
Beauty Package 1
4/30 - 5/14 25,300
19,800 NX

Permanent Inner Armor Coupon x1

Permanent Body Tattoo Coupon x1

Airtight Special Cherry Blossom Coin x1

Eira Release
Beauty Package 2
4/30 - 5/14 22,290
19,800 NX

Permanent Hair Coupon x1

Permanent Face Tattoo Coupon x1

Permanent Makeup Coupon (Female) x1

Permanent Beard Coupon (Male) x1

Airtight Special Cherry Blossom Coin x1

Eira Release
Power Package
4/30 - 5/14 22,300
19,800 NX

Enhancement Rune x2

Enchant Rune

Enhancement Elixir x10

Paradise Enhancement Stone x20

Airtight Special Cherry Blossom Coin x1

For the three items above, below applies:

  1. Use Airtight Special Cherry Blossom Coin -> Obtain Special Cherry Blossom Coin which is transferrable within the account. Crafted wings are set to be binding.

  2. With Quick Crafting, you can craft Coin x5 -> Cherry Blossom Wings x1


Eira's Rapid Growth Package

Item Period Price Contents
Eira Release
Rapid Growth Package
4/30 - 6/4 31,700
15,900 NX

Additional Departure Boost Pack (30 Days)

Storage Chest Expansion Ticket (Permanent)

100% Completion EXP Boost Potion (1 Hour) x3

Blossoming Epaulet (7 Days) - Under Lv.95

Merc Recovery Potion Plus x15

Goddess Grace x5

Emblem: Void Mistress

* Single purchase per character