2nd Double Plus Enhancement Package

  • 2 years ago


Sale Period: August 27th - September 24th

The Blue Box is back! And you know what the Blue Box is right? It means double the excitement of enhancements! For just a limited time again, we’ve brought back the special “blue package” above to assist you with the enhancements you need for your endeavors at a cheaper price than before! Check it out below and go on to get your enhancements now!

Item Name Contents Price
Double Plus
Enhancement Package
  • Premium Enhancement Rune Plus x1
  • Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone Plus x1
29,900 NX

Important Note:

  • Double Plus Enhancement Package CANNOT be traded within the account.
  • It can only be purchased up to once a week per character ID.
    (One week count is based on the time of purchase.)
  • Can purchase once per Character (2019-09-15 6:43 P.M. PT Update)