The Hero Premium Package

  • 2 years ago


Sale Period: November 12th - 26th

A new package has arrived Mercenaries! We’ve put together a special package just for you to support your battles and raids with all the premium necessities you need for just a limited time! Check out what’s inside the box and take one for yourself when you can! We’re offering this at a huge cut of half-price for 2 weeks only, so never miss this chance!

Item Name Contents Price
Hero Premium 
  • VVIP Service (30 Days)
  • Ancient Bloody Shade (30 Days)
  • Cadet Badge (30 Days)
  • Sentient Epaulet (30 Days)
  • Additional Departure Boost Pack (30 Days)
  • Rabi Whistle (30 Days)
  • Resenlian's Wings (30 Days)
53,100 NX

26,500 NX