Special Dungeon Community Event

  • 2 years ago


Event Period: November 12th - 25th

To celebrate and appreciate the bravery of the mercenaries who challenged the fierce special dungeons, we will choose 10 randomly selected courageous mercenaries from among the submitted for a total reward of 30,000 NX Cash!


[Event Details]

  1. Clear a Special Dungeon from among below:
    1. Colru the Golem
    2. God of Death

  2. Take a raw screenshot of you clearing the special dungeon that clearly shows your IGN.
  3. Submit your application [HERE] with the following:
    1. Server
    2. IGN
    3. Name of Special Dungeon
    4. Screenshot Evidence (Application IGN & Screenshot IGN needs to match.)

  4. Wait for Winner Announcement

  5. Enjoy the Reward


[Event Rewards]

  1. The Team will randomly select 10 for 30,000 NX each.
  2. A reward will be given to all who participate in the event. (Title: Special Dungeon Conqueror)
    1. The title reward will be distributed on the 23rd of December.