Regarding Recent Black Cipher Issue

  • 2 years ago


Dear Mercenaries,

Last October 22nd, 2019, a new system that detects unauthorized programs was applied to Vindictus to sanction all accounts suspected of using any unauthorized programs that disrupt normal gameplay.

However, since the system was applied, many of our users have reported about the possibility of false-positives, and without hesitation, we investigated the possibility with our System Security Team thoroughly right away.

During this whole process, we eventually were able to identify disagreements with the new system, and as soon as we received confirmation of the identified complications, we restored all accounts that were sanctioned by this system immediately as of November 12th, 2019 10 P.M. PT.

Regarding, we sincerely apologize for causing disruption to your gameplay through this event, and will do our best to prevent such similar happenings reoccurring in the future.

As our deepest apologies, we would like to compensate all those who were unjustifiably sanctioned, and information relating to the distribution will be informed through an additional notice soon.

We sincerely apologize for the confusion caused once again and thank you for your kind patience and understanding of going through this whole process of investigation with us.

Kind Regards,
The Vindictus Team