Regarding Compensation for BC Issue

  • 2 years ago


Dear Mercenaries,

As compensation for the recent Black Cipher issue and our gratitude for your kind patience and understanding throughout the whole investigation process, we would like to compensate you with the list of items below. Two sets of compensation gifts will be distributed and the first batch has been distributed today, November 15th, 2019 at 12 A.M. PT. We understand this will never be enough to compensate for the inconveniences this issue may have brought to you but once again we will do our best to prevent similar occurrences in the future. Thank you always for your love and support for Vindictus.

- The Vindictus Team

  • Important: All compensations, except for the [Belle Support Bit], will be distributed to the first character slot. However, no compensations will be made to characters that have already been deleted or are pending for deletion.


1st Compensation Batch: November 15th, 2019 12 A.M. PT

Items Quantity Bind
VVIP Service (90 Days, Gift) 1 Character
Cadet Badge (30 Days, Gift) 3 Account
Belle Support Bit 160 Character
Bigby's Succubus Crystal 10 Account
Bigby's Desert Crystal
Bigby's Magic Crystal

* The [Belle Support Bit] is given to all characters above Lv. 30 in the account.


2nd Compensation Batch: November 25th, 2019 Weekly Maintenance

Apologize Box
Halloween Wing Box
Halloween Event Reward Box
9th Anniversary Event Reward Box

* Items above are bound to the account.
* Halloween Wing Box: Box = Bound to Account / Wings = Bound to character


Halloween Event Reward Box
1x Halloween Ghost Set (Acquirable Based on Gender)
1x Halloween Scarecrow Set (Acquirable Based on Gender)
1x Title: Mister Pumpkin's Friend
1x Title: Halloween Lover
1x Bleeding Face Tattoo Coupon
1x Returned One Face Paint Coupon
1x Mummy Shroud
1x Halloween Cast
1x Bloody Halloween Cast
1x Ragged Halloween Cast
1x Grim Graveyard (30 Days)

* All items above are bound to the character.


9th Anniversary Event Reward Box
Items Bind
1x Emblem: 9th Anniversary Coin Character
1x Title: 9th Anniversary Reveler
1x Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone Plus Account
1x Restoration 50% Discount Scroll (Gift)
1x Airtight Mysterious Shard Grade 1
1x Airtight Abyssal Shard Grade 1
1x Wolfshead Set (Event) (Acquirable Based on Gender)
2x Damascus Steel (Binding) Character

* Items above will expire on December 31st, 11 P.M. PT.