Wardrobe Expansion Update

  • 4 years ago


Check out our new Simulation Area and Ampoule Crafting Area today! Your personal "Wardrobe" space has been updated. You can preview dyeing outfits and equipment in advance, and even try on outfits you don't own yet! Quick Ampoule Crafting makes crafting ampoules quicker and easier than before, and it lets you make ampoules in special colors! There's more! There are 4 new emotes for you to enjoy, and you can use the special Clone Outfit Crafting Box to share outfits with other characters within the same account!


Two new areas have been added to the Wardrobe during this update.

The first is the Simulation Area.
The Simulation Area allows you to try on outfits you don't own yet.
Select the All Outfits tab on the right side of the Simulation Area to show the All Outfits list.
Trying to find the outfit you want may seem daunting at first, but the search function makes finding the right outfit a breeze!
The outfits you already own are marked separately, so they can be tried on as well.

A simulation function to preview dyes has been added as well.
Previously, an ampoule was required to dye outfits at the Dye Shop, and only certain parts could be previewed.
This made it difficult to coordinate the dyeing of parts 1, 2, and 3. It also made it challenging to select a color combination for each outfit part.
The Simulation Area makes it possible for you to try colors from dye ampoules you don't have yet, then temporarily save the dye to preview color combinations for each outfit part.
It also lets you easily purchase dye ampoules for previewed colors from the Marketplace.
In addition to outfits, you also have the ability to preview equipment dyes.



There is also the Ampoule Crafting Area.
Until now, 6 color options had to be picked from the color palette to fill an empty Dye Ampoule with your desired color.
It was cumbersome to have to look through the color palette just to extract the color you wanted.
The Ampoule Crafting Area's Quick Ampoule Crafting function was added to make the whole process a little easier!
It allows you to easily choose a color. When you learn certain Wardrobe skills, you can choose up to 2 colors.
We also realize that dye costs can add up quickly for those who own a lot of outfits.
We hope to relieve some of these costs by providing a limited system that allows the guaranteed creation of ampoules in your desired color, and support Superior/Special Ampoule Crafting as well.
Superior/Special Ampoule Crafting can be used to create Premium Outfit Dye Ampoules, and crafting is limited to 1 per week.
There's also a limit on how many can be owned per character. Up to 5 can be owned depending on Wardrobe skill usage.
Despite these limitations, Superior/Special Ampoule Crafting has the advantage of obtaining colors as designated, instead of at random.
Unlike Superior Ampoules, Special Ampoule Crafting allows you to create special colors that are unavailable from the Outfit Dye Palette.



Other additions include a Wardrobe Filter that makes using the Wardrobe Skill List easier, as well as ambient music for the Wardrobe.
As previously announced through dev communications, 3 new emotes have been added as well as a skill that allows you to obtain special items.
This special skill can only be used by one character per account and requires a rather high amount of Wardrobe Points.
When a character uses the Clone Outfit Crafting Box obtained from this skill, the 5 parts of an outfit belonging to that character can be used by another character within the same account.




Wardrobe Updates

  • New Wardrobe Skills were added.
  • The Wardrobe Points required for the Quick Ampoule Crafting Preview Discount skill was lowered from 400 points to 350 points.
  • The Wardrobe Points required for the Quick Ampoule Crafting Additional Color skill was lowered from 700 points to 450 points.
Wardrobe Skills Total Wardrobe Points Required
Quick Ampoule Crafting 250 Points
Quick Ampoule Crafting Preview Discount 350 Points
Quick Ampoule Crafting Additional Color 450 Points
Superior Ampoule Crafting 1,500 Points
Special Ampoule Crafting 1,800 Points
Premium Outfit Dye Ampoule Quantity [01] 1,500 Points
Premium Outfit Dye Ampoule Quantity [02] 1,700 Points
Premium Outfit Dye Ampoule Quantity [03] 1,900 Points
[Emote: Bouquet] 750 Points
[Emote: Cherry Blossom] 1,240 Points
[Emote: Gift] 1,750 Points
[Emote: Crescent Moon Feast] 2,000 Points
Clone Outfit Crafting Box Obtained [01] 750 Points
Clone Outfit Crafting Box Obtained [02] 1,250 Points
Clone Outfit Crafting Box Obtained [03] 1,750 Points
Clone Outfit Crafting Box Obtained [04] 2,250 Points
Clone Outfit Crafting Box Obtained [05] 2,750 Points
  • Added a "View All" filter to the Wardrobe Skill List.
  • The buttons used to move to each area of the Wardrobe were simplified by removing "Area" from the text.
  • Camera presentation upon entering the Wardrobe was simplified.
  • Added Simulation Area.
    • Added All Outfits List.
    • All outfits will appear in the All Outfits List whether they are owned or not.
    • Added Search function to the All Outfits List.
    • Added preview function to Equipment/Outfit Dyeing.
    • It's possible to try on dye colors even if the specific Ampoule is not owned.
    • You can use the mouse wheel to scroll through preset color options to easily try out dyes.
    • If you can't find the color you want in the preset options, you can specify it by manually entering the RGB value.
    • Previewed dye colors can also be purchased via a simplified process from the Marketplace through the [Purchase Ampoule] button.
    • * Items equipped to the back and tail slots are not visible in the Simulation Area.
  • Added Ampoule Crafting Area.
    • Quick Ampoule Crafting is available while using the Quick Ampoule Crafting skill.
    • Clodagh's Dye Ampoule (Filled) and the Outfit Dye Ampoule (Filled) can be created using Quick Ampoule Crafting.
    • Experimental Dye Ampoules can be created by using Experimental Dye Ampoules as crafting material.
    • Dye Ampoules created using Quick Ampoule Crafting have the same trade specs as the previous item.
    • * Tradable Ampoules: Clodagh's Dye Ampoule (Filled), Outfit Dye Ampoule (Filled)
    • * Untradable Ampoules: Clodagh's Experimental Dye Ampoule (Filled), Experimental Outfit Dye Ampoule (Filled)