Belle Character Improvement & More!

  • 4 years ago



  • Cooldown for Rushing River Level 3 Attack is reduced.
    • Deforestation and Landslide.

  • If used right when the enemy attacks, you can deal slightly more damage than before, and now recover some of the Nature's Might stacks.
    • The time during which you can use Beaten Path after Shortcut is reduced.
    • By pressing the Smash button after using Shortcut, you can connect combo into Flare-Up.

  • Flare-Up can no longer restore stamina and is less powerful as a combo from Shortcut.
    • Changed so that Rushing River Level 3 Attack cannot trigger Steal or Grasp attacks if you are transformed into a Dark Knight or Paladin.
    • Decreased the SP consumption of Whipping Wind and Volcanic Blast.
    • Fixed the issue of not gaining the Successful Dodge status effect when you dodge an enemy attack using Shortcut and Beaten Path in PvP.


Additional Audio for Character Emotes

  • In Options of your Settings > Audio tab, you can now select your character's voice as "English" or "Korean."
  • Default is set to English.
  • Note: You can't change the voice setting during battle, and you can't just change only a specific part of the character's voice. (When switched, applies to all of that character.)
  • VO change option doesn't apply only to playable characters, but to other NPCs such as bosses.