v.2.66 Updates

  • 3 years ago


■ New Character, Lethor

  • Added Lethor, the 16th hero of Vindictus.
    • This new character is a martial artist who uses a Crest as her weapon.

  • Added Lethor-exclusive weapon items.
    • Crest
      • The Crest is a weapon imprinted on the back of her hand. Depending on the equipment equipped in the Hand Slot, it may not show.
      • Crests cannot be dyed.

  • Added exclusive equipment items for Lethor.
    • Black Gale Set
    • Crest Master Set

  • Added exclusive equipment for Lethor in Expertise.
    • Crests, the exclusive weapon for Lethor, can be crafted using the Goldsmithing Expertise.
    • The Black Gale Set, exclusive armor for Lethor, can be crafted using the Armorsmithing Expertise.
    • The Crest Master Set, exclusive armor for Lethor, can be crafted using the Tailoring Expertise.

[Partholon Vanguard]

  • Can perform Vanguard Missions upon reaching Lv. 100.
  • Added Vanguard Missions that require specialties of Lethor's.

[Friendship System]

  • Added Lethor and the below features related to her:
    • She will appear in the Mercenary Lounge.
    • You can Talk and depart for Missions with her.
    • Friendship Achievements related to her have been added.
    • You can have chance encounters with her in Colhen.

  • Closeness stages from "Acquaintance" to "Ally" with her have been added.
    • You can develop your relationship with Lethor from "Acquaintance" to "Ally."
    • Added each Closeness stage's short storyline for her.
    • (You can see them as you build a closer relationship with her.)

[Voice Emotes]

  • Added 20 voice emotes for Lethor.
    • You can preview voice emotes for Lethor under the Emote window's Emotes tab.
    • Voice emotes can be purchased with Friendship Seals from the Friendship Seal Shop.

[Other Voices]

  • Added special conversation voices between characters for Lethor.
    • If Lethor is in the party, special conversations will be automatically triggered, based on the characters of party members.
    • Conversation voices will be triggered while waiting to depart for battle, when the eligible characters enter as a party member.


■ Main Screen

  • Lethor, the 16th hero, will appear in the game start screen.
  • Added 1 basic character slot, increasing from 7 slots to 8 slots.


■ Battle

  • Fixed the issue where Karok using Cestus was hit by certain attacks of Eternal Elchulus in battle Devil's Tower, despite not being touched by the attack.


■ Dressing Room

  • Changed so that it is possible to search regardless of upper/lowercase when searching for outfit names in Simulation area > All Outfits tab.


■ Misc

  • After the 7/21 (Tue.) maintenance, the sale of the Shining Secret Box, which was sold from the Inn > Warm Welcome Shop, will end.
  • Added the feature to right-click characters suspected of using illegal programs in-game > Report.