v.2.72 Patch Notes

  • 3 years ago


Major Contents Updated

  1. Mag Mell Arena

  2. Kael’s 2nd and 3rd Bonding Events

  3. Vindictus Notification, Account Mail, and Friends Updates


1. Mag Mell Arena

  • Added the new PvP mode, Mag Mell Arena.
    • You can enter Mag Mell Arena under Depart (G) > Match.
    • Mag Mell Arena runs as a 4v4 fight. Eight players (four on the Red Team and four on the Blue Team) do battle.
    • Once all participants have gathered, you will be moved to the Champion selection screen.
    • On the selection screen, a total of 16 randomly selected Champions will be available to choose from. Each player may select their preferred Champion.
    • Mouseover each individual Champion to view a brief overview of them.
    • Each Champions are divided into four tiers, with the first being the least costly and the fourth being the most. Players cannot select the same Champion.
    • If two players select the same Champion, only one of the players will claim it. The other player will be forced to play a randomly selected Champion no one else chose.
    • After the selection process is complete, you will enter the arena and the match will begin.
    • The arena is comprised of a sanctuary for each team and a central battlefield. The four-player Red Team starts from the left sanctuary, and the four-player Blue Team starts from the right sanctuary.
    • On the battlefield, there is a top red lane and a bottom blue lane. You can swap lanes via warp points over the course of the battle.
    • Return to your team’s sanctuary to restore HP. Just keep in mind that once you re-enter the battlefield, you won’t be able to re-enter the sanctuary again for a short time.
    • Naturally, both teams must leave their sanctuaries and fight in the battlefield.
    • Arena controls are similar to player controls during battle. All Champions have the three basic strikes (attack → attack → smash), can dodge, and can utilize two skills.
    • All skills have cooldowns, but the cooldown time will pause if you enter your sanctuary.
    • SP is not a requirement to use these skills. As long as cooldown is complete, you can use your Champion’s available skills.
    • You can hold [TAB] any time during the match to switch to a top-down view of the entire field and view controls for your selected Champion.
    • Defeating an enemy Champion during a match will convert their tier cost into your team’s points.
      • Example: Defeat the tier 1 Gnoll Chieftain to earn 1 point.
      • Example: Defeat the tier 4 Agares to earn 4 points.
    • If a team is the only one present on a lane, that lane is considered “occupied,” and that team earn 1 point per 10 seconds it remains occupied.
    • It does not matter how many Champions remain on the team; they will still earn 1 point per 10 seconds.
      • Example: If the Red Team is the only team present in the top lane, the Red Team earns 1 point every 10 seconds.
      • Example: If the Blue Team is the only team present in the bottom lane, the Blue Team earns 1 point every 10 seconds.
    • The first team to earn 30 points wins the match.
    • If you lose the match, your Ranking Score goes down by 1 point.
    • You will be rewarded a Mag Mell Seal for each match completed.
    • Your Ranking Score will be adjusted based on if you won or lost.
    • Improving your ranking score will also improve your overall rank.
      • Example: Bronze → Silver → Gold



  • Must be Lv. 100+ to enter the arena.
    • Added the tutorial to enter the arena: Denizens of Mag Mell. (Lv. 100+ only)
    • Only characters who have completed this tutorial may enter the arena.
    • Once the tutorial has been completed, the mysterious NPC Ethnill will appear in Colhen. You can ask her anything you like about the arena.


[Season and Schedule]

  • Mag Mell Arena Season 1 will run from 1/19 after maintenance to 3/9 at 7AM UTC. The pre-season will run from 3/9/2021 7AM UTC.
    • Your overall rank (Bronze/Silver/Gold) will not change during the pre-season period.
    • You can, however, earn seal and rank rewards during the preseason period.
    • You can enter the arena every day from 18:00 UTC until 7:00 UTC.
    • The doors to the arena are closed from 7:00 UTC until 18:00 UTC.
  • You must be Lv. 100+ to enter the arena.
    • Added the tutorial to enter the arena: Denizens of Mag Mell. (Lv. 100+ only)
    • Only characters who have completed this tutorial may enter the arena.
    • Once the tutorial has been completed, the mysterious NPC Ethnill will appear in Colhen. You can ask her anything you like about the arena.
    • Complete the tutorial to earn Mag Mell Seals x30 one time.
    • You will lose the seals used if you leave mid-match or do not play as intended.
    • The arena is a multiplayer event that requires the cooperation of all participants. Don’t spoil the fun for other players.
    • You will not earn rewards if you remain idle during a match.
    • If you continue to remain idle for multiple matches, you will lose seals, you won’t be able to earn rewards, and your ranking score will decrease. You will also be barred from matchmaking for a period of time.


[Score and Ranking]

Challenger Score 1300+ and Rank Top 10
Legend Score 1300+ and Rank Top 50
Master Score 1300+ and Rank Top 100
Diamond Score 1250+
Platinum Score 1200+
Gold Score 1150+
Silver Score 1100+
Bronze Starting Rank


[Reward and Other Information]

  • Added the Mag Mell Seal Shop and the Red Mag Mell Seal Shop.
  • When playing the arena, you will earn Mag Mell Seal x15 from winning and x10 from losing. You can also get them from completing other achievements. You can earn up to 250 per week.
  • Seals purchased with gold also count toward the 250 limit.
    • The seals limit resets every Tuesday at 7:00 UTC.
    • Seals earned through completing achievements can be claimed even if you hit the weekly limit.
    • Certain goods in the Seal Shop have a limited stock. They will be restocked on the 1st of every month.
    • Accrue Red Mag Mell Seals by either trading in Mag Mell Seals or by climbing the ranks in the arena.
  • Complete matches in the arena to earn Ethnill's Destiny Box up to twice per day.
    • Open Ethnill's Destiny Box to claim items that will make the game tons more fun!
  • Below is a list of decorations available in the Red Mag Mell Seal Shop.
    • Blue Crystal Decoration
    • Special Blue Crystal Decoration
    • Legendary Blue Crystal Decoration
  • You can equip the above under the “Decorations” window.
    • Changed the “Onslaught Ranking Equipment” window to “Decorations.”


[Mag Mell Arena UI Information]

  • You can check your ranking, achievements, season rewards, and records in the Mag Mell Arena UI.
    • Rankings are updated in real-time based on your ranking score. If multiple players have the same score, they will be displayed with the same rank.
      • Example: If there are two players at Ranking Score 1200 and one player at 1100, it will be reflected like so:
        • 1st Place - A (1200)
        • 1st Place - B (1200)
        • 3rd Place - C (1100)
    • We plan to send season rewards through your in-game mail several days after a season ends.
  • If you enter the arena with a gamepad, you can press the Sprint key to see the top-down view and controls guide.


[Penalty and Matchmaking for Inactive Play]

  • Penalties will be imposed on characters who are idle during a match.
    • “Idle” is defined as Champions who stay in their sanctuary and receive no input for a certain amount of time.
Accumulated Lapse Count Over the Season Mag Mell Seal Deduction Ranking Score Deduction Waiting List Unavailable Time
1-5 Times x30 15 Points None
6-10 Times 20 Points
11-15 Times 25 Points 1 Hour
16-20 Times 30 Points
21-25 Times 35 Points
26-30 Times 40 Points
  • Penalties are applied only to the first player who leaves mid-match, and the number of times a player does this will be recorded over the course of a single season.
    • If a player leaves mid-match, no penalties of any kind will be imposed on the remaining players. This includes remaining idle.
      • Example: If one player from the Red Team leaves a 4v4 match, turning it into a 3v4 match, no penalties will be imposed for remaining players on either team for remaining idle.
  • Matches are intended for eight players. If 20 seconds pass and only six players are on the waiting list, however, then they may begin a 3v3 match.
  • If a waiting list is full as you’re about to select “Depart Now” and someone cancels, a popup window will ask if you wish to join the next available waiting list.



2. Bonding Events Update (Kael)

  • The Ally > Close Ally bonding event for Kael has been implemented.
    • You can earn the “Close Ally” rank with Kael.
    • Learn more about Kael through his new rank Ally event!
      • His rank Close Ally event is planned to be implemented in a future update.
    • New dialogue related to your bond with Kael has been implemented.
    • Upon earning rank Ally or Close Ally, Kael will become less fatigued and his Power Stance duration will last longer.
    • Rank Ally and Close Ally achievements have also been implemented.



3. Notification, Friends Menu, and Mail System

■ Notification

  • Added a UI where you can see in-game notifications.
    • Some notifications, which were previously showing as system messages and speech bubble guides, will now accumulate and display in the newly added UI.
      • VIP Service effects and VVIP Service effects
      • Marketplace
      • Fatigue Points
      • Skills
      • Guild
      • Pets
      • Attendance Check
      • Partholon Vanguard
      • Item Expiration
  • Up to 50 notification messages will display per category. Upon reaching 50+ messages, the oldest will be removed.
    • All messages will be removed upon changing characters or logging out.
    • If some other UI is related to the message, the “Go Now” button will be displayed.
      • The “Go Now” button will only display in town or Guild House.
    • Some new notification messages are shown through the Preview UI.
      • If you are in the Avatar Shop or Dressing Room, or if you are progressing through a story that continues after a battle, the Preview UI does not display immediately. It will show when you move to town or the next battle.
  • You can change the following by clicking the cogwheel-shaped icon in the Notification UI.
    • Preview UI location
    • Preview UI size (Change through the button that displays when you bring the mouse cursor to the Preview UI)
    • Toggle On/Off Preview UI
    • Toggle On/Off in Battle
      • Some important messages will display regardless of the settings. These will show for a longer duration with emphasis added.


■ Friends Menu

  • Added a feature to set game activity notifications in the Friends (Shortcut Key: O) window.
    • You can toggle on/off the pop-up notification for information related to friends entering battle, obtaining a title, etc.
    • You can also toggle on/off displaying your own gameplay notifications to your friends.


■ Mailbox

  • Added the Account Mail tab to the mailbox for per-account mails.



4. Other Changes

  • Game start screen will be random.
  • Fixed the issue where the 10th B-Day Stool emote's shortcut key and chat command could not be used in the Emote window.
  • Changed so that Kael's Basic Inner Armor can be purchased with NX from the Avatar Shop.
  • Changed so that you can now purchase the Strawberry Inner Armor for Lann, Fiona, Evie, Karok, Kai, Vella, Hurk, Lynn, Arisha, Sylas, Delia, and Miri from the Avatar Shop
  • You can now purchase the Dotted Christmas Inner Armor and Stylish Inner Armor for Kael and Sylas from the Avatar Shop.
  • Fixed the issue where the stats tooltip did not show for the Airtight Special Einheri Set and Valkyrie Set.
  • Fixed the issue where the undyeable parts did not display for the Special Sakura Blossom Earrings, Lower Armor, Bracelet, and High Heels.
  • Added a feature where, when running the game through Steam launcher, it will launch the game for the server you selected initially (NA/EU) when you run it the next time.