[Unknown Issue] Royal Raid / PVP Content Issue

  • 1 year ago


2021-03-23 09:15 A.M. UTC Update:

 The  [Gallagher’s Desire x3] compensation item schedule to be sent through your mail box under the following conditions

  • Gallagher’s Desire shall be sent to users that had logged in at least once within 6 months
  • Gallagher’s Desire shall be sent only once per account to the mail box of your first character.  



2021-03-17 10:15 A.M. UTC Update:

The server issue related to the Royal Raids and PVP Contents has been fixed. 

All players can get the [Gallagher’s Desire x3] through the mailbox after 3/23 maintenance as compensation for the PVP server issue.

Thank you for your kind patience and understanding


Gallagher’s Desire Contents
VVIP Service (1 Day, Gift) x1
Cadet Badge (1 Day, Gift) x1
Divine Blessing Stone (Gift) x1
Goddess Grace (Gift) x1




Dear Mercenaries,

There have been critical issue related to Royal Raids and PVP Contents of Vindictus. We are currently going through the issue and will get to you with the update in the near future. We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • Details for the issue
    • Unable to start the Royal Raids 
    • Unable to start PVP contents such as Mag Mel Arena and Arena


Before this issue has been resolved and announced officially, please try not to play the issue related contents. 

Thank you for your kind patience and understanding in advance.


- The Vindictus Team -