[Unknown Issue] Crystal Coupon Issue

  • 1 year ago


2021-04-13 07:40 P.M. UTC Update: 


The  [Tieve’s Affection] compensation item is scheduled to be sent to all users through your mail box for the unexpected inconvenience caused by the Vindictus Team.

For the Classy Crystal Coupons obtained from Glazed Crystal:

  • Same number of Glazed Crystal Coupons shall be given based on the number of Classy Crystal Coupon obtained after this week's weekly maintenance.
  • Already obtained Classy Crystal Coupons shall not be retrieved. 


We will update the compensation schedule in the near future. 

Sorry once again for the inconvenience. 




Dear Mercenaries,

There have been an issue related to coupons obtained from Glazed Crystals.

In order to resolve the issue we are to temporarily seize the sales of the Glazed Crystals. And we are currently going through the issue and will get to you with the update as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Details for the issue
    • Classy Crystal Coupons are being obtained through Glazed Crystals. 
    • Glazed Crystals shall be temporarily seize from the Supply Depot until the issue is resolved. 
    • For the Classy Crystal Coupons already obtained from the Glazed Crystals shall be exchanged to Glazed Crystal Coupons.

Thank you for your kind patience and understanding in advance.


- The Vindictus Team -