The curtain rises for her greatest performance yet!



The curtain rises for her greatest performance yet! Tessa wields her rapier and gem magic to punish wanted criminals as an expert bounty hunter. Once an actress who captivated all with her drama, she abandoned her career at the height of her popularity to pursue but one villain. Though a vision of true elegance with confidence in her every quip, there are moments of deep sadness imprinted upon her from doleful days long past.


Tessa is a mesmeric swordswoman who wields the delicate rapier. She pokes holes into her enemies' defenses with a mystic brand that delivers searing pain with every slash and stab. These enemies become as nothing to this wayward woman, submitting to her sidesteps and crumbling before her counterattack as the brand is dispelled. Gem magic, possible through a stone fitted into her weapon, gives her the power to mimic sorcery at its best and deadliest. Deft dodges and myriad magic are more to her taste, but whatever your fancy... she' will still be center stage.


Battle Skiils

Tessa not only attacks and dodges at once, she can also dispel a brand on her enemy for additional damage.

Tessa uses the power of gem magic to materialize multiple copies of her rapier and launch them toward the enemy, delivering a wealth of damage in a short time.

Tessa instills her rapier with magic, leaps, and slashes the enemy again and again to greatly damage them—and possibly stun them as well.

Tessa's suppression skill is a show to behold, highlighting both her extensive evasive maneuvers and the power behind her magic-imbued rapier.

Exclusive Equipment

Tessa's Exclusive Equipment: Cygne Rouge & Chouette Acte

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